St. Nicholas Church, Lyubotin


Coordinates: 49.9178375, 35.9489393
Type of place: Monuments\Sights, Religious
Entrance: Free
Parking: Not equipped
Accessibility for people with disabilities: Yes
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Far 1843 year. This is the date of construction of the church of St. Nicholas, another name - St. Nicholas Church.
In fact, the history of this temple began when the settlement near Lyubotin celebrated its centenary. The epochs, years, generations of landowners changed, but there was still no own temple in Gievka, although by that time the population of the village was approaching seven hundred people. People had to go to the temple in a nearby village called Rzhavets.
In 1770, the first wooden church was built on the bank of the picturesque pond, which was named the Nikolayevsky, by a joint effort of local residents. In 1833, clouds began to thicken over the temple - during the examination it was revealed that the temple was in disrepair and could collapse at any time due to the negligence of the builders. To prevent the collapse of the temple dismantled and assembled again. And finally, in 1843, a new Nicholas church was consecrated in the village of Gievka. During the war of 1941-1943, the shrine in Gievka served as a stronghold of the German troops, it was at this time that its bell tower was damaged. 1995 is the year of the revival of the Orthodox architectural monument, made in the dominant style of classicism with a large number of architectural elements.
How to get there:
- by public transport from Kharkov (metro station “Kholodna gora, by bus No 1502 to the final stop, the bus start at 6.00 with an interval of 30-60 minutes, and then about 4 km to Gievki).
- train Kharkov-Pass. - Ogultsy, Kharkiv-Pass - Lyubotin, Kharkiv-Pass - Levada - Merchik, Kharkiv-Pass - Levada - Lyubotin, Kharkiv-Balashovsky - Ogultsy, Kharkiv-Balashovsky - Merchik, Kharkiv-Balashovskiy - Lyubotin according to the railway timetable, and then walk to Gievki about 4 km.
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