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North of Kherson, over the Dnieper, is the city of Berislav, the former fortress of Kizi-Kermen.
But this part of the history of Kherson Oblast remains at the bottom of the Kakhovka Reservoir. When the territory was flooded, there was also a fortress and catacombs that lay under the Dnipro's arms and connected the fortresses that were on the shore of the main stream with those on the islands under water. Even today divers are trying to find treasures there.

Actually, in Beryslav itself, unfortunately, there is little left, but in Vesel's neighboring village there is a very interesting enterprise - the wine-growing economy of the name of Prince Trubetskoy. Here they produce vintage wines "Pearl of the Steppe", "Naddnipryanske", "Velvet Ukraine" on the technology of Prince Golitsyn, who lived here in the early 19th century. The wines from the villages of Kozatskaya and Veselle in the Kherson region, made in this way, in 1898 even received a gold and silver medal at an exhibition in Riga.
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