The city of Bar has seen in its age a lot of battles, secret conspiracies and various political events.
The unusual name comes from the city of Bari in Italy, which was the birthplace of the Polish Queen Boni Sforzi. She arrived to Rzecz Pospolita in 1533 and chose the residence in city of Riv, in which she ordered that Bari castle must be rebuilt. After some time the whole city became known as Bari, and then, due to the Polish manner of pronunciation, was renamed Bar.
This castle still decorates the city - it was preserved in the form of ancient fortification fortifications. Unfortunately, most of the houses did not survive - they were subjected to total destruction during numerous troops. In 1634 like attack of the Tatars and Turks, which was successfully repulsed. After, that city chose the great Hetman crown Stanislav Konetspolsky. He ordered to turn it into an impregnable state defense bastion, bringing the height of the shafts up to 6 meters. However, in 1648, during the uprising of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, the castle was destroyed by the army of Colonel Maxim Krivonis.
Subsequently, Poland's power in this area was preserved, and the castle was rebuilt. In 1672 there was a new attack on the Turks, which was successful, and the castle for a time was in their hands. In 1768 the castle became the center of power of the Confederates - the Polish magnates who declared war on the king. However, shortly thereafter, the fortress was wiped off the face of the earth by the Russian army, which came to the aid of Poland to suppress the uprising.
The agreement on the formation of a confederation was signed under the vaults of the Church of St.Anne, which was founded in 1556. Unfortunately, this wooden building was burned by Russian troops at the same time as taking Bar. However, in the XIX century it was rebuilt in stone, and now it continues to attract pilgrims from all over the Catholic world.
The Pokrovsky monastery, which was founded as an asylum of the Order of the Carmelites, was also interesting fortune. Then there was a Jesuit school, and later - an Orthodox monastery. At the moment, he again changed the hosts, who are sisters of the mission of Saint Benedict.
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