Bila Cerkva

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Bila Cerkva
Not everyone realize that the city of Bila Tserkva was built on the banks of a deep and navigable river. During the Mongol-Tatar invasion, the city served as a difficult barrier on the way of enemies to other lands of Kievan Rus. Therefore, it is not surprising that in our time it became clear that many people in this region have Tatar blood and appearance features that are inherent to this particular people. Although the situation is the opposite in the Bila Tserkva itself, after all, 67% of the population are Jews.
If we discard information on the genetic characteristics of the population and come closer to the history of the origin of the city, then it is worth stopping at archaeological excavations, namely the foundation of the old church, the creation of which dates back to the 12th century. It is known that when the ships went, the church stood on the shore, but the fact that it was built from white stone is very doubtful. The thing is that until the 15th century, stone churches in this territory were not built at all. It was also said that the temple was wooden, or rather, built of birch, and therefore white. But again, the information is not true, because the birch was introduced after the 15th century, before that it did not grow on this territory. It is also said that when one of the commanders who lived in this city wore silver armor, he shone so much that from afar it seemed white. And some thought that it was St. George himself, the patron saint of the city, who was leaving. Well, which of these theories is more realistic for you to decide, and we, meanwhile, go on...
Translation by: Alona Rudenko
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