Historical and Art Museum by P.F.Lunev, Parkhomovka

Coordinates: 50.1245299, 35.0075564
Type of place: Museums
Entrance: Paid
Historical and Art Museum by P.F.Lunev, Parkhomovka Historical and Art Museum by P.F.Lunev, Parkhomovka Historical and Art Museum by P.F.Lunev, Parkhomovka
Parkhomivka village located in Kharkiv oblast and is famous for Parkhomiv mansion museum. It used to be house of count Poghorichani, which was from old Serbian noble dynasty. Mansion was built in uniquel for those places Florentine style end of XVIII century. After the revolution building was used as office for workers of sugar factory and afterwards it was neglected.

Aftermath World war two, Panas Fedir Lun’ov arrived to Parkhomivka. He started teaching along with studying at Kharkiv university majoring in history. Considering it was post war time, his urge for beauty is incredible. Panas Fedorovuch was in owe of art and liked to collect art pieces. He tried to convey his views and vision to the students. In 1955 he founded school club “Rayduga” where he taught students about history and culture of different countries, famous artists and musicians. He organized visits to the theatres, concerts, excursions to famous Soviet Union museums such as Hermitage, Tretjakov gallery, State museum of art named after Pushkin, Moscow Kremlin museums and so on. He got students interest in archeological excavations. Thanks to his efforts and personal money contributions foundation of the museum became to form. Substantial part of his teacher’s salary was left at the Kharkiv flea market, where he was discovering real masterpieces which people eagerly were selling in those “hungry” after war times. He also included students from “Rayuduga” to help him search for historical artefacts and soon enough Parkhomiv school opened its first exposition of Tretjakov gallery reproductions. After this exposition Lun’ov got inspired to create real art museum in Parkhomivka.

Due to his past career in museum Panas Fedorovich knew many museum workers and artsy people. He found courage to send letters to them asking for art donations for his museum. Some people showed interest in his project and soon art objects started to arrive to the museum. He received works of famous artist such as Picaso ( picture “Pigeon of peace” and ceramic vase “Owl”), sculptures of Serhiy Kononenko ( ceramic portrait “Ninochka” and bosom “Shevchenko in exile” ), drawings of Taras Shevchenko, Kazimir Malevich paintings and many others.
“Ukrainian hermitage” fame continued to grow and in 1963 Kharkiv news team arrived and made short video about the museum. For the shooting art pieces were transferred to the count Podgorichan mansion and they remained there until this day.

Interesting fact that at that time Kazimir Malevich lived in Parhomivka village. His father was famous sugar maker and was invited to work at the renovated sugar plant. He lived there together with family until 1895, afterwards Kazimir enrolled in Kyiv art school and continued study at Moscow academy of arts.
How to get to the museum!?

From Kharkiv bus station №2 reach Krasnokutsk and from there take marshrutka to Parhomivka village
Address: Kharkiv oblast, Krasnokutsk area, Parhomivka village, Kontorska str 2
Tel.: +38 (05756) 9-53-99, 9-53-69
Working hours: 9am – 17pm
Days off: Monday, Tuesday
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