Children's railway of Zaporizhya


Coordinates: 47.7909081, 35.1799124
Type of place: Parks, Airports\Ports\Train Stations
Entrance: Paid
Accessibility for people with disabilities: Not equipped
Interest: General
Children's railway of Zaporizhya Children's railway of Zaporizhya Children's railway of Zaporizhya Children's railway of Zaporizhya Children's railway of Zaporizhya
In 500 meters from the railway station "Zaporizhzhya-1" - there is a narrow-gauge children's railway, which meets guests with small train-exhibit, which children are (always) trying to wobble. There are accommodated a zoo, aquarium, conservatory and therapy here. They work every day. So, it is a whole cultural and entertainment center designed mainly for children.
The railway is quite functional. Small trains really go on it. A narrow-gauge railway runs along the floodplains - past the rowing canal. Mostly, a view of the sediment of poplar and pine offers from the windows of the caravans, as well as the new buildings of the Southern district ("Sands"). Until 2008-2011, all stations of Donetsk railway, except central, were non-functional: some are ruined, some are mutilated by local vandals. The train does not make stops, rolling in a circle. Length - 9 km. Flights are carried out 8 times a day (every 45 minutes: from 9.00 to 15.15, break from 12.00 to 13.00) on Sundays and during school holidays.
Zaporizhzhya Railway is one of the youngest children's railways in Ukraine and the second longest on the territory of the former USSR. In the spring of 2002, by the 30th year of the Zaporizhzhya railway, all roads were reconstructed. In many places the road was relocated, platforms at most bus stops were completely replaced, station buildings were repaired. In the same year, the road had to part with the locomotive TU2-077, which opened traffic on it 30 years ago. After its write-off, the locomotive fleet of Zaporizhzhya children's railway consists of two locomotives TU2 with power transmission and one locomotive TU7A with hydraulic transmission. In 2004, due to the malfunction of the rail circuits and the need for large financial investments in their inspection and repair, the management of Donetsk Railways was forced to abandon the use of semi-automatic locking in the race. The movement of trains is again carried out by rods.
Ticket price:
The locomotive on Children's railway (Zaporizhzhya)
Price for train - 10 UAH. (Adults), UAH 5 (Children - up to 12 years); ticket to the zoo - 10 UAH. (Adults), UAH 5 (Children - up to 12 years); ticket to each of the halls (terrarium, aquarium, winter garden) - 10 UAH. (Adults), UAH 5 (Children - up to 12 years).
Translated by: Anhelina Leshak
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