Zaporizhzhia Sich, Khortitsa


Coordinates: 47.8573165, 35.0749469
Type of place: Museums, Monuments\Sights, Unique places, Panoramas\Views
Entrance: Free
Parking: Arranged
Accessibility for people with disabilities: Partly
Interest: High
Zaporizhzhia Sich, Khortitsa Zaporizhzhia Sich, Khortitsa Zaporizhzhia Sich, Khortitsa Zaporizhzhia Sich, Khortitsa Zaporizhzhia Sich, Khortitsa Zaporizhzhia Sich, Khortitsa Zaporizhzhia Sich, Khortitsa Zaporizhzhia Sich, Khortitsa Zaporizhzhia Sich, Khortitsa Zaporizhzhia Sich, Khortitsa Zaporizhzhia Sich, Khortitsa
It’s one outstanding and must have sites for visiting in Zaporizhia. Decades passed but it’s still inhabited by Cossacks: riding horses, fighting with swords, using muskets and cannons, skillfully using knouts( whip) and happily demonstrating their talents in front of the audience.

This historical site is considered island of Cossacks glory although the real Zaporiz’ka Sich the stronghold of Cossacks spirit was flooded due to the constriction of the hydroelectric power station on the Dnieper river.
Khortytsia island is favored by tourist, although it only preserved fragments of original buildings from those days. For the shooting of “ Taras Bulba” movie which was inspired by historical novella of N.V.Gogol, picket fence with observation points was built together with big Sich church and few traditional Ukrainian houses.

After the shooting was over, pavilions weren’t dismantled and with the help of local patriots it was transformed into museum of national culture and at night the territory of the site is illuminated by the colors of national flag. Modern illumination system is based on usage of energy saving technologies, which helps not only to reduce pressure on power supply but also to see Khortytsia from space.
On the territory of the site you can see real cast iron cannons and Cossacks big and small wearing traditional clothes which adds on flavor. Behind the fence always happening some fairs, where you can buy basically anything: handmade souvenirs, vyshyvanka (embroiled folk shirt) , antique jewelry , books, icons, traditional dolls, weapon, vodka, honey, bread, other unique Ukrainian things and all this accompanied by traditional songs and folk dance.

Each year on the wooden stage we can enjoy performances of kids, youth groups, professional choreographic schools, choirs of grannies and other talents of our homeland. If you want to watch theatrical show of Cossack battles under open air, you can find stage of “ Zaporiz’kogo equestrian theatre”.
Khortytsia island is pretty big, and Zaporiz’ka Sich is located in its south part.
1. You can use bus №50 to get to the entrance of the island although it doesn’t go too often.
2. Using trolleybuses №3 ,46, 15 or 93. Take off at Tagans’ka street and walk down across the bridge, turn left until you see the site.
3. Another alternative is to use any bus which goes through the city cente, but from there you will have to walk south approximately 30 minutes (passing by stunning forests and paths). These are the following buses you can use ( 10, 30, 38, 55, 58, 96 and 98).
It’s free to visit museum but you have to pay to watch Cossacks performances.
Translation by: Alyona Bilous
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