Maritime Museum Chaika, Khortitsa


Coordinates: 47.8000182, 35.134685
Type of place: Museums
Entrance: Paid
Parking: Arranged
Accessibility for people with disabilities: Yes
Interest: Medium
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The Museum of Shipping has existed in an unofficial format before: since 1999, when the seagull, as it is popularly called, was fully prepared. The museum is located between the Preobrazhensky and new bridges. Four ships are ready as museum exhibits. Seagull or "new-fashioned kozak's boat is already presented for tourists, now it is located in the nature reserve "Khortytsia". This is not a waxwork of a kozak's ship, but a restored copy, which was lifted from the bottom of Dnipro almost 15 years ago. He was found at the bottom of the river near the island of Khortytsia. Only 10% of all parts and elements of the boat are installed by engineers, the rest - "native".
The kozak's seagull is a warship that could accommodate 50 soldiers, and 4 guns were installed for naval combat. It was conceived as a universal tool of transportation, could move under sail and on oars. The biggest work had to be done on the right: the starboard side was reported by boards. The base of the ship - a large curved beam - is well preserved. It required meticulous care, given that the seagull lay at the bottom for about two hundred years: more than 10 years working to restore the wood. The hull of the boat was treated with chemicals, including paraffin, to give it its original appearance.
Now the seagull is the only fully restored exhibit of the museum, but 3 more will be prepared. The second exhibit will be a brigantine of the early XVIII century, of which there were only 20 in the Dnipro rowing flotilla, and the boat was built by masters-kozaks.
The ship was lifted from the bottom of the river in 2004, but it did not survive as well as the seagull: about 60% of it remained. They found a brigantine near the site of the first exhibit - a seagull. The restoration of the building is underway and is planned to be completed within two years. Due to the fact that the ship was almost completely buried in the sand, it is quite well preserved. In capacity and combat equipment, as well as in size, the brigantine is similar to a seagull: all the same 17 with a small meter in length, 50 people on board and 4 guns.
The third exhibit - a kayak - was raised from the bottom of Desna in Kyiv region three years ago, in 2010. Two hundred years ago, it was used as a ferry to transport cargo from one bank of the river to another or along the current. The boat was found by the local population in good condition, it even kept itself afloat. That is, the reconstruction is cosmetic without restoring the structure of the vessel. The kayak is young compared to the two previous exhibits, it is a little over 100 years old.
The founders of the museum also have a one-tree boat and a wooden board, which were given to them by the locals. They will complement the overall picture of the preserved handmade swimming vessels of our ancestors. There is no such Zaporizhzhya museum in Ukraine, and European ones may envy it. The Museum of Shipping not only pleases with historically significant and well-preserved exhibits, but also quite effectively restores them.
Translated by: Anhelina Leshak
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