Burn-radiology center, Kyiv


Coordinates: 50.5309569, 30.5861306
Type of place: Abandoned places
Entrance: Free
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Ambitious plans that are not destined to be realized. The history of the unfinished republican clinical hospital, or, more simply, the burn center, is closely intertwined with the Chernobyl disaster.
After the explosion at the Chernobyl NPP, the residents of Pripyat needed to provide new housing. Most of the victims received apartments in the area of ​​Troeshchyna. The Ministry of Health understood well that the consequences of radiation exposure would not immediately appear and initiated the creation of a radiological and burn center on the outskirts of Troyeshchyna. At the end of 1986 there was already a finished project of a huge, for those times, complex (with an area of ​​2 hectares), which was to become the largest rehabilitation center in the USSR. According to the developers, a fully autonomous infrastructure, helipads and almost 1,500 wards with the necessary equipment were provided.
However, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the funds ran out and construction was suspended. In 1990, instead of the burn center, they decided to make an infectious diseases hospital. In 2004, the Kyiv City State Administration issued an order on the completion of the hospital, making it an institution of a broad medical profile. In Kyiv City Council, they expected to launch this project in 2006. And the rights did not budge.
In 2006, the construction of the Desnyansky VIP-town began in front of the burn center, where Chernobyl victims should have been located. It was planned to settle the judges of the Constitutional Court. For Euro 2012, another attempt was made to complete the construction of the opikoviy center, but it was not crowned with success. In addition, the builders claim that it is no longer possible to complete this complex, since many structures are damaged, almost all are broken, ruined, plundered ...
Easier to demolish and rebuild it from scratch, add knowledgeable people. In the burn center in Troyeschina there are no prospects. The object needs huge investments, which the city does not have. Now the abandoned construction was equipped with a checkpoint, and the territory is guarded with dogs. Several buildings are rented for warehouses and laser tags. Also, this location attracts clipmakers.
In 2015, the band Brutto's “Rodna Krai” was filming a video at the construction site, and in 2016 the band Zapaska’s video for the song “Vikna vid 4 ynyty” was filmed. Huge corps of an unfinished hospital are worth it. Year after year, without leaving the standby mode.
Author: Nadezhda Kukla
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