Migia radon lake, Migiya


Coordinates: 48.0212474, 30.9673691
Type of place: Scenic Nature, Unique places, Lake, Quarry
Entrance: Free
Parking: Arranged
Accessibility for people with disabilities: Partly
Interest: High
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There are many places in Ukraine where you can see the nature in the whole beauty. However, it could be strange to observe the neighborhood of the natural environment and the traces of human activity at the same place. The wealth of the subsoil of our country contributed to the active output of minerals, and nature does not tolerate the emptiness as far as we know. That's why the old quarries are filled with spring water and artificial lakes appear.
One of these lakes appeared in the second half of the twentieth century where was an old granite quarry near the Mygiya village, Pervomaisky district, Mykolaiv region. The quarry is located on the picturesque bank of the Southern Bug River. Since 1994, the territory of the regional landscape park Granite-steppe lands of Buh consists from the river floodplain and its tributaries, which is a part of the Buzk's Gard National Nature Park. For 40 km, the Southern Bug flows through its numerous granite rapids, the most famous ones are located near the Mygiya village and are famous among rafting enthusiasts and water tourists. The famous Radon Lake with its blue-sky water is one hundred meters from the “Integral” rapid, where people practice their skills in the watersport. How this artificial reservoir appeared is unclear. It is known that granite was produced here, and the abandoned quarry filled with water when the reserves were exhausted. Water has radon admixtures. It is the product of radium decay, that is how the lake got its name.
Guides that accompany groups of tourists and local residents tell about the lake many facts, and sometimes they are quite incredible and contradictory. Even the depth of the lake has what to argue about. According to various sources, it reaches from 24 to 46 meters. It is also said that the quarry was filled with water in just one night. The workers left the equipment at the bottom of the pit and went home. In the morning they could see only water. That's why there are stories about excavators and tractors at the bottom of the lake. No one has yet ventured to test these theories. Long-term stay in the water can be dangerous due to radon amount. And although locals and tourists swim in the lake and relax on the shore while spreading rumors about the benefits of radon baths, but chemistry is accurate and unshaken science. Radon is a colorless radioactive inert gas that contains a risk to human health and life and, despite the microdoses it is up to us to decide whether to swim or no. Now Radon Lake is a great place for active and family rest. Local government supports and develops tourism, promotes the improvement of the territory. A viewing platform with a stunning view of the lake was opened. The information boards were installed and even a photographic zone was made.

Another local entertainment is zip line, which stretched over the lake for 457 meters. The descent speed reaches a fantastic 120 km per hour. Half-minutes of high-speed flight at an altitude of 72 meters will give fans of the extreme sea unforgettable emotions. You can also find geocaching on Radon Lake. Near Zip Line lower station under the lonely tree is a hiding place with a notebook and all sorts of small souvenirs. In 2017, the hiding place was still there. Between the lake and the river there are well-organized camping sites for those who like water tourism and outdoor activities. Tents can be installed here for a modest fee. And across the road there are houses for those who is used to relaxing with comfort. Raft, kayak and canoe rental is also available here.
There is an opportunity to book an excursion. There are a lot of things to see in Mygiya. The Aktove and Arbuzinsky (or Small Aktove) canyons are especially remarkable. They resemble the Grand Canyon in miniature. If you decide to hike or cycle along the Southern Bug River from Mygiya to the Lviv village, you will find many quiet picturesque spots on the shores, which only fishermen and single tourists know about. These include the Monument to the Unknown Soldier and the well-preserved ruins of an old mill on the wall of which a date 1929 can be seen.
How to get there?
You can get to the lake either by private or by public transport. You can use the railway, but it will not drive you directly to Migiya. The nearest railway stations are in Pervomaisk, which is ten km away, and in Yuzhnoukrainsk, which is thirty five km from Mygiya. From Pervomaisk and Yuzhnoukrainsk to Migiya you can go by buses which regularly run between settlements. Usually buses can drive you almost to campsites.
If you want to get there by bus, then there is a regular bus from Mykolaiv to Yuzhnoukrainsk. And from there to Mygiya you can go by regular bus. A lot of tours and excursions as well as white water rafting and water sports tours are organized from many regional centers to the Mygiya rapids. So you should prepare in advance. Anyway, no matter how you will get here and no matter who you are a professional sportsman, a fan of extreme sports or an ordinary tourist, you will definitely get your piece of aesthetic pleasure and joy of new geographical discoveries, even if these discoveries will be a couple hundred miles from home. As you know, the big journey starts with a small step.
Translated by: Darina Stepchenkova
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