Victorian entrance, Kyiv


Coordinates: 50.4881085, 30.5877829
Type of place: Architecture, Unique places, Gallery\Exhibition Hall
Entrance: Free
Parking: Not equipped
Accessibility for people with disabilities: Partly
Interest: High
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Have you ever had the need to kill the word Troyeshchyna in Google-search? If not, then I do not advise you to do this. However, if it was, perhaps, they noticed that the sarcastic search tape profusely exasperates the imagination with negative meta-texts: Troeshchina criminal, Troeshchina entered the list of the most dangerous areas of the world, "Troeshchina is a paradise for young criminals".. As if the search engine itself is alarming, in no case should it move towards the largest trading pavilion of the capital, in order to avoid the forced acquaintance with its criminal component. It is hard to believe, but the well-known sleeping area of ​​the Left Bank hides extraordinary architectural achievements. And not in the abbey, but in the most ordinary lagers! Take a closer look, maybe you are a resident of a work of art.
For 15 years, a resident of the capital who is in love with history creates an unusual beauty. He has no personal workshop and his work is not exhibited in art galleries. The walls along the stairs are his artistic space, and the neighbors on the floor are dedicated worshipers of the creative initiative.
Volodymyr Chaika turned the three stairways of his 9-storey building into a real museum. The walls are decorated with magnificent stucco with "gilding" and portraits of medieval ladies in lush dresses, a mirror in an elevator in a valuable frame and a "garbage column" with mighty Atlantaans and angels on the ceiling. Now the three floors of the building are more like the Louvre or the Hermitage, but not a high-rise building in the most criminal area of ​​the city.
Arranging his artistic oasis, Volodymyr is engaged in his own. Carefully cast, glue and paint every detail, exclusively by hand. "Since I began to do this, I became indifferent to all the problems." When I do this, I forget everything about the world, it makes me happy. "The neighbors were delighted, people started to go to the house, and I was excited to discuss what they had seen. And I try to please them. By the way, in the apartment, I did not do such repair, everything is usual there, "says Vladimir Chaika. Of course, it does Vladimir for his own money. The financial help of son and neighbors. "My pension would not be enough for this (laughs). Decorative paints and plaster now have risen in price three times. I want to finish everything started from 6 to 8 floor, and there we will think what to do next. " - emphasizes the master.
There are many talented artists living in Troyeshchyna panel buildings, but when their vision is incomprehensible to their surroundings, it's easier than constant resistance to be able to go there, where creative efforts will be perceived as due.
To talk about: "The fairy-tale entrance is a former art monument in Kyiv." - as the thematic article from Wikipedia says; a psychedelic picture of brightly colored elements of mirrors, toys, sculptures, which combines religion, the author's outlook and millions of other ideas; about how much time the metropolitan artist Tatiana Pits had to spend on the creation of a non-official tourist attraction from the usual entrance, I will not. The meaning of talking about something that has not been around for almost a year?
Immediately after the author's move, an urgent legal proceedings began. Residents of the house were dissatisfied with the popularity of their entrance and for a long time wanted to return the original appearance. When all the necessary powers were collected, dismantling operations started. "Decor was removed from the walls of the front, put into construction bags and brought to the street." - say residents of neighboring houses. At the moment, the walls of the legendary entrance are decorated with non-weird creatures of a rainbow color, and pale plaster.
They say that the work of the craftsman and the excitement around her, were not to the taste not only residents of neighboring apartments. Local youth and teens often came to drink beer in a picturesque atmosphere of a fairy tale, and, at the same time, to crush a few figures. Vandalism is a widespread phenomenon, especially when you are 16 and the desire for self-affirmation, a swift wave, destroys all the prohibitions. Medical fact: if you do not quench this desire even in the puberty period, then at a conscious age, you may want to destroy artistic monuments on a legal basis.
How to get there!?
Find this fairy tale can be on the 5-8th floor of the building at Rayduzhna Str, 11a (1st entrance)
Translation by: Nadiya Kukla
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