Trading ranks (BRUM), Bila Tserkva


Coordinates: 49.7970012, 30.1157892
Type of place: Architecture
Entrance: Free
Trading ranks (BRUM), Bila Tserkva Trading ranks (BRUM), Bila Tserkva Trading ranks (BRUM), Bila Tserkva
Quite interesting in architectural and historical terms is the complex of trade rows in Belaya Tserkov or BRUM.
Some of the locals call it Branitsky Department Store (in honor of Count Xavier Branitsky). Others say it is the Belotserkovsky district department store. Attention, irrelevance arises not only with respect to the name of the trading series, but also the origin. Until recently, it was believed that the construction of this building dates back to the 19th century, and its architect was Luigi Rusca.
Recently, one of the local historians in the Polish archives found an interesting document, namely a contract for the construction of trade rows. The contract dates from 1802-1812. For the construction of a building with an area of ​​5 thousand square meters m, consisting of 85 small shops was sent to the Kostroma Construction Brigade. The architect of the trading rows was Dominic Botany. By the way, it was this architect who built most of all the buildings in Alexandria Park. As the document was recently discovered, it is being studied further. So, in the future, we will still learn a lot of interesting information about this place.
Translated by: Alona Rudenko
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