Abandoned chalk quarry, Kupiansk


Coordinates: 49.6880664, 37.6140976
Type of place: Scenic Nature, Abandoned places, Quarry
Entrance: Free
Abandoned chalk quarry, Kupiansk Abandoned chalk quarry, Kupiansk Abandoned chalk quarry, Kupiansk Abandoned chalk quarry, Kupiansk Abandoned chalk quarry, Kupiansk

Mountains can be different: brown, gray-blue, green, white... Yes, yes, such ones also exist. To climb the snow-white peaks of the chalky mountains one should go to the east of the Kharkiv region. These are typical landscapes here. In Dvurechansky region there is even a park for their preservation. But there are several interesting objects beyond as well. For example, a quarry in Kupyansk, formed on the site of a chalk mountain. Although few people know about it, even among the locals.

Previously, the brick was only terracotta, and when silicate was invented almost a century ago (it was made by burning chalk with charcoal), a silicate factory was opened here. And then the one to produce cables for the cable car, which was used to transport chalk over the Oskol River.

During the Second World War, the occupiers shot people in this quarry. But then the bodies were reburied and the plants resumed their activities. However, they soon discovered that it was more profitable to bring lime from the camps of the GULAG and the Kupyanskyj quarry was no longer used.

Walking here, one can see a lot of relict and endemic plants, hares, roes, to find the fossilized remains of squids that lived here 100 million years ago. Exactly, because then this territory was the sea. They also suspect that there is a karst cave somewhere in the quarry. But this is to be explored yet.


How to get there?!
You can get to Kupyansk from Kharkiv by rail or by bus (from Zavodska station, metro Industrialna almost every hour from 7:30 to 20:20), there you should go to the Khlibozavod station by local transport and walk 15 minutes along the R79 Highway . The quarry will be on the left.
Coordinates: 49.6880664, 37.6140976
Author: Irina Makuha
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