Intercession Church, village Sinyavka, city Mena

Coordinates: 51.607978, 32.013046
Type of place: Religious
Entrance: Free
Intercession Church, village Sinyavka, city Mena Intercession Church, village Sinyavka, city Mena
Sinyavka - Cossack village with the Pokrovsk church of 1775 building. The interior of the church is unusual: high choirs with steep staircases, an old multi-tiered chandelier (chandelier) and some amazing atmosphere.
The church attracts the attention of the school building, which is also over 100 years old, and in the schoolyard, local history amateurs have gathered a collection of local antiquities and created a unique rural museum.
How to get there!?
Heading from the village of Gorodishche along the main street further and you find yourself in Sinyavka.
To make your excursion interesting and informative, contact the Mensky Regional Museum (tel. (04644) 3-13-17) or the Tourist Information Center (tel. (04644) 3-30-07) for help - their employees will help you with logistics. and travel support.
Coordinates: 51.607978, 32.013046
Translation by: Victoria Nerush
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