Lower grotto, Otrokiv


Coordinates: 48.7948922, 27.0989102
Type of place: Caves\Underground
Entrance: Free
Parking: Absent
Accessibility for people with disabilities: Not equipped
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In the nearest village of Otrokiv, there is a farmstead of Scibor-Markhockogo, part of which is and "Low grotto".
It is existed also “Overhead grotto”, which is not far away. This grotto wasn't made by humans hand. To call at a grotto it is needed it will be to bend over and creep certain area on knees at the beginning. A grotto is a corridor in which only 2 windows in one place, and all other only corridor in length. Where in there are windows, a cavity appeared like a room. A grotto is closed by the stream of water, which flows from above. Also at the end of corridor there is an unique stone. The terrain itself has excellent conditions for taking good photos, especially in spring and summer. This artificial maze was created by order of the landowner I. Scibor-Markhotsky, known for his eccentricity. The structure is part of the park grotto complex "Grotto of Tears", consisting of the "Upper Grotto", located above the slopes of the hill closer to the village Otrokiv, and the "Lower Grotto", located directly on the outskirts of the village Prytylivka.

In ancient times, there was a cave hermitage, and the Ushitsa River valley, where the lower part of the complex was located, is still called the Monastic Valley.

How to get there?

- you can go there by car, from this village Otrokiv
- you will have to walk through the forest, about 2 km from this village.
Translated by: Veronika Toropenko
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