Viewing platform «Gulyi Hora», Horoshevo


Coordinates: 49.8592486, 36.219306
Type of place: Panoramas\Views
Entrance: Free
Parking: Not equipped
Accessibility for people with disabilities: Yes
Viewing platform «Gulyi Hora», Horoshevo Viewing platform «Gulyi Hora», Horoshevo Viewing platform «Gulyi Hora», Horoshevo Viewing platform «Gulyi Hora», Horoshevo Viewing platform «Gulyi Hora», Horoshevo Viewing platform «Gulyi Hora», Horoshevo Viewing platform «Gulyi Hora», Horoshevo
What a luxury! How nice it is, this mountain Huliai Hora! This land is blessed with everything from God.
This is the line that welcomes travelers at the viewing platform of Hulai Hora, which is located in the village of Khoroshevo, in the Kharkiv region. This viewing platform is revitalized with three metal skillfully forged arches that are covered with grapevine - a symbol of fertility and prosperity. In front of the viewing platform there is a shop where you can buy all kinds of treats and for hours enjoy the magnificent views of the mountain...

Let us take a quick tour around the pages of history...
Somewhere around the 13th-14th centuries, people came to the place where the village of Khoroshevo is now and decided to settle down here because this land of silence and tranquility seemed to be really beautiful. To protect themselves from enemies, they built a defensive line, taking as example the construction of Scythians fortifications. The territory of Hulyai Hora was just in the center of this settlement and served as the center of the village. There is no documentary evidence of this historical fact, but many historians and local ethnographers believe that this is exactly how it was.
If you look to the right of the viewing platform, you can see the building of a geriatric boarding house for the elderly. In the middle of the 17th century on that very place there was the Khoroshevskyi Ascension Nunnery, which existed till the early 1920s, and in 1986 was finally destroyed.
There are many legends associated with Huliai Hora. The most famous of them is that there used to be a church there, but one day during the church service it fell under the ground with people. For several more days after this event, those who put an ear to the mountain could have heard human voices and church bells.
In 1983 and 1987 excavations of the Khoroshevsky hillfort were carried out under the direction of Kharkiv University professor, during which a pit with wooden fragments that could theoretically belong to the missing church was found. What is it? Is it a coincidence or an unconfirmed historical fact? Still noone can answer those questions.
There are some references to Huliai Hora in the literature as well
There is a novel "Mountain Huliaj Hora" written by Vitalii Petliovanyi in 1987. This novel tells about an imagined by author village, in description of which there are some familiar features of the existing village Khorosheve, Kharkiv district, Kharkiv region.
How to get there?
- By bus from the “Kinnyi Rynok” bus station to the village Khoroshevo, and take a walk straight to the mountain.
- From Levada railway station to Udianska station by commuter train, and then about 3 km on foot to the viewing platform.
Translated by: Daria Londar
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