Ozeryanskaya Church, Nizhnya Ozeriana


Coordinates: 49.8140763, 36.0129797
Type of place: Religious, Wellspring
Entrance: Free
Parking: Arranged
Accessibility for people with disabilities: Partly
Ozeryanskaya Church, Nizhnya Ozeriana Ozeryanskaya Church, Nizhnya Ozeriana Ozeryanskaya Church, Nizhnya Ozeriana Ozeryanskaya Church, Nizhnya Ozeriana Ozeryanskaya Church, Nizhnya Ozeriana Ozeryanskaya Church, Nizhnya Ozeriana Ozeryanskaya Church, Nizhnya Ozeriana
A place where peace and quiet reign, where there is no noise and bustle of the big city, where among the cozy forests there is a small village called Nizhnyaya Ozyeryana. But be careful, in fact there are two such villages - Verhniia (Upper) and Nizhniia Lower. The most famous of them is the village of Lower Ozeryan.
Let's get to know him better ... So, it is located 3.5 km from a large railway junction, the Merefa railway station, so getting to this picturesque corner of Slobozhanshchina will not be difficult even for beginners.
There is one legend, or maybe this once had a place in reality, no one now knows, and miracles sometimes happen in our lives ...
So, according to this legend, once a local resident of the village mowed juicy green grass on a cool summer morning and suddenly felt his sharp scythe cut something in the tall dense grass. The man leaned over to see what kind of object fell under the scythe and stopt... because he saw there the holy icon of the Virgin, which held the little Christ in her arms, and this sacred thing was cut in half... The man was afraid that he would overtake the punishment of the Lord for such a sin and he began with all his might to pray to God for forgiveness. The next day, the man went to the place of his sin and at first did not believe his eyes - the icon was safe and sound, and a clean spring with crystal-clear water began to break out from under the ground, which would later become a place of grace and healing.
At one time, as a child, the well-known Ukrainian writer Grigory Kvitka-Osnovyanenko, a resident of the city of Chuguev, was cured of drying his hand, was healed of the Ozyeryansk Icon from blindness, a resident of the village of Liptsy healed his leg and there are many more examples of the miraculous icon.
If you turn to historical facts and look into the distant 1671, you can see the temple, which was called Merefyansky, and this very temple, then in 1711, will be called the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin.
Currently, many people come to the temple who want to pray in a holy place, a place of strength and incredible positive spiritual energy. Also on the territory of the temple there is an Ozeryansky spring with incredibly tasty water and a font that is accessible to all comers year-round.
How to get there:
By train Kharkiv - Merefa from Kharkov-Passenger station, get off at Merefa station, and then follow the directions of the navigation device for about 3.5 km towards Nizhnyaya Ozyeryana village.

Translated by: Natalia Griban
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