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From Kherson to the sea

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Two-day (Weekend trail)
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If you are going to the Azov sea, but you want to see something more than just water, roads and fields, then this route is made for you!

We would also recommend visiting the Pink Lakes (Rozhevi Ozera), Baidykh Ravines (Balky Baidykha), Kamyanska Sich and the Abandoned Falz-Fein estates. But before that, make sure to learn more about the history of these places – that’ll add that extra zing to your adventures.
During this route you will be able to get acquainted with the main sights of the city, such as:
- The oldest oak in the Kherson region, Kherson
- St. Catherine's Cathedral, Kherson
- Oleshkiv desert
- Askania-Nova National Biosphere Reserve
- Alley of fairy tales, Henichesk
- Hot springs, Shchaslyvtsevo
- Geyser, Zalizniy Port
- Glycerin Lake, Strilkove
- Safari Park, Shchaslyvtseve
- Sea of Azov
Start of walk - Kherson.
How to get there:
Kherson, Komsomolsky Park, "Kherson Fortress". Address: Perekopskaya, 13 You can get here by public transport of the city. Bus stop - "Lenin Komsomol Park".
End of walk - the Arabat Spit.


Start from the center of Kherson – the "Khersons'ka fortetsia" park, look for the two gates – the “Moscow” and “Ochakiv” ones and have a look at oldest oak of whole Kherson region. Then go to the St. Kateryna cathedral, where you’ll explore the historical part of city. Right from there go to the quay, where you’ll get to enjoy the charming and majestic Dnipro river.

Leaving the city, go to the Proletarske village along the highway to take a walk around our own desert – the Oleshkivski sands. Take great pictures there and move on!

Next on the list is one of the 7 wonders of Ukraine – the Askania-Nova National Biosphere Reserve. Do not miss on visiting the safari and dendrological parks there and make time for the intellectual development while visiting the Institute of Animal Husbandry of the southern regions of Ukraine. Enjoy the virgin steppes of Tavria, but not for too long, as the sea is waiting for us!

Go back from Askania-Nova onto the highway and set straight ahead to Henichesk!

In Henichesk itself visit the Alley of Fairy Tales (Aleya Kazok), the local museum, have a walk down the promenade and enjoy the seaside town.
Then go to the Azov street, which runs along the entire Arabat Spit. There are a lot of things to suit different tastes there: you could visit the hot springs, geysers, the Glycerin Lake and the Safari Park, but then don’t forget our ultimate goal: the Azov Sea!

Enjoy! Kherson region is your way to new impressions!
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Route details
Finish coordinates 45.847304, 34.921527
Length of route 300 km
Start coordinates 46.656002, 32.605030
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Access for people with disabilities Available
Access in winter Available
Suitable for family Yes
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