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Kharkiv in 4 hours - Self-Guided Walking tour

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Kharkiv is the scientific, student and industrial capital of Ukraine. A city that hides many mysteries. To feel it, you just have to come here. Kharkiv is waiting for you!
During the sightseeing route in Kharkiv you will be able to get acquainted with the main sights of the city, such as:
- Constitution Square
- Holy Intercession Monastery
- Assumption bell tower
- Provincial Palace
- Monument to Hryhoriy Kvitka-Osnovyanenko
- «Bear» store
- «Thermometer»
- Taras Shevchenko Theater
- Salamander House
- Mirror stream
- Square «Seven Wonders of Kharkiv»
- Kharkiv Art Museum
- Monument to the 50th parallel
- City garden
- Monument to Taras Shevchenko
- Freedom Square
- Park of Culture and Recreation of M. Gorky

St. Pokrovsky Monastery is located in the heart of Kharkiv, and the Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin is now the oldest building in the city. Do not believe it, then we suggest that you make sure and take one step towards meeting the spiritual and architectural grandeur. Near St. Pokrovsky Monastery is the square of Gregory Skovoroda. In addition to the overall peace that you immediately feel when you are in this place, be sure to look at the bronze majestic figure with a marble plaque at the foot - a monument to the great thinker.

The Assumption bell tower can be seen from almost all corners of Kharkiv. Not surprisingly, by 2006 this building was the tallest in the city. And the fascinating history and sophisticated architectural ensemble make it one of the most interesting. The provincial palace is a place that is visited by thousands of Kharkiv citizens every day, but few know its history, as well as the fact that in 1787 Queen Catherine II stayed there. The monument to the writer, who became an example and meter of Ukrainian literature to Grigory Kvitza-Osnovyanenko, is located near the Constitution Square, and the pen and paper with which his sculptors depicted confirm the contribution of the writer to the development of the Ukrainian literary word.
Romantics are found near "Gradusnik", and sweets near "Teddy Bear" store - the first branded confectionery store, which opened to the Kharkiv citizens in the early twentieth century.
Those who do not know their past do not deserve a happy future. If you want to see this again, then visit the Kharkiv History Museum. A breath of antiquity and the grandeur of the past will help you rethink things in the context of time. If you live in Kharkov, you have met at least once with a person near the 16-meter "Gradusnik", which has the ability not only to show temperature, but also in an amazing way to unite human hearts forever.
The Taras Shevchenko Theater is the oldest theater in Ukraine, whose walls were met by world-renowned Melpomene employees. And for the Ukrainians, he is also well known for the work of the brilliant director Les Kurbas.
The list of architectural monuments of Kharkov also includes the Salamandra house built in the early twentieth century. Despite its rich architecture, the monument to the lizard of salamanders, which lives in the element of fire and symbolizes its spirit, draws the most attention. It would seem only a gazebo and a fountain, but thanks to such a colorful combination we got one of the most modern symbols and the most visited cities of Kharkov - the Mirror stream. If you want to get acquainted with the main sights of Kharkiv, but do not have enough time to walk the streets, we invite you to the area of ​​"Seven Wonders of Kharkov". You will have a unique opportunity to admire the beauty of Kharkov buildings in miniature.
Connoisseurs of painting and sculpture should visit one of Ukraine's largest art museums. The exposition of the museum is quite generous not only for the works of Ukrainian but also for Western artists. In the Shevchenko city garden, a monument to the 50th parallel is never overlooked. It is a symbol that Kharkiv is the largest city on the 50th parallel of the north latitude.
And Kharkiv continues to amaze. In turn, one of the best monuments to Taras Shevchenko. Indeed, the images that are part of the sculpture of the great Kobzar mesmerize the look and soul. Like none of the Ukrainians, Kharkiv people love football. The role of the football capital Kharkiv is not yet claimed, but the monument in the form of a bronze ball on a pedestal in the city center is already standing. The Freedom Square is a place where you can truly feel the greatness of the city. It is not surprising, since the central square of Kharkiv is the 15th largest in the world.
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