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Dnipro in 4 hours - sightseeing tour

Compiled by: #FINDWAY
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We invite you to explore with us the space capital of our country, Ukrainian New York and the city of fountains in one bottle.
Welcome to the Dnipro!
During a walk along this route you will visit the most beautiful and iconic places of the Dnipro, namely:
- Park named after Lazarus Globa
- Heroes Square
- Opera theatre
- Abandoned unfinished hotel "Parus"
- Sicheslavskaya promenade
- Festival Pier and Wish Ball
- Monastery island
- Park Shevchenko
- Potemkin Palace
- Transfiguration Cathedral
- The first stone with which the construction of the city began
- Diorama and the ATO Museum
- Monument of Glory
- Prospect Dmitry Yavornitsky
- Yekaterinoslavsky Boulevard
- European area
- The world's largest Jewish complex "Menorah"
- New bridge
- Observation deck and promenade
Start of the route: Railway station, Dnipro-Golovniy
End of route: observation deck on the Dnipro embankment, Solnechny housing estate

Developer: Victoria Shaposhnikova

Imagine that you arrived at the Dnepr-Glavny train station, and it is from there that your journey begins.
And the first, closest to the station, point of our route will be the Lazar Globa Park, one of the two main parks of the Dnipro. There is a good artificial lake where you can ride catamarans and ducks, as well as many attractions and cozy corners for relaxing or walking. Further along the stairs, or across the bridge over the lake, you can climb to the Heroes Square.
There are three real rockets in the Square, which were made in the Dnipro at the Yuzhmash plant, because in Soviet times the Dnipro was considered the space capital of Ukraine. Also, the building of the Regional State Administration rises at the square, it is especially beautiful at night, when it begins to be highlighted with the color of the Ukrainian flag.
We go down, back to the park, and head to the Dnipro Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, where you can see one of the many Dnipro fountains, bright called "Muse". Previously, there was a tradition in the Dnipro - to open a new fountain on every day of the city.
We move further along the street Juliusz Slowacki, which rests directly on the longest promenade in Europe - Sicheslavskaya, which is perhaps the most tourist attraction of the city. Here you are greeted by another fountain - Dandelion (or "Sphere"), the previously incredibly popular restaurant "Float", and on the left rises the abandoned, unfinished Hotel Parus, which is one of the symbols of the city. It began to be built back in the USSR, but when it broke up, the construction was never completed, including due to the fact that the soil began to float under the foundation. It has been standing for many years as unfinished. Earlier, there, through negligence, children and young people were killed, they came to the hotel in search of adventure torn from a height, and now it is strictly guarded. In 2014, a coat of arms with a height of 16 floors appeared on hotels, which was listed in the Ukrainian Book of Records. In 2016, a proposal was made to undermine the unfinished, but residents opposed the destruction of the symbol of the city.

If you turn right and go in the opposite direction from Sail, you can walk to the Monastery Island, contemplating the views of the Dnipro. Be sure to pay attention to the Swan Fountain, which beats directly from the river. He is one of the symbols of the city. Do not forget to take a photo of your favorite guests and residents of the city inscription "I love Dnipro". Also pay attention to the large artificial sun on the left bank, which is clearly visible from the promenade, at night it is also highlighted. This is the Dnipro East, one of the art objects of the “Interpipe” metallurgical plant. There, by the way, lead free tours, we advise!
Passing through the Festival Pier, which in the warm season is the central venue for various holidays and concepts, it is difficult not to notice the emerald Ball of Wishes, another symbol of the city. She can be touched and make her wish. The ball was broken several times, but an interesting story happened in 2017. Then the man broke the ball of desires with a sledgehammer. According to him, he realized that the ball is a source of evil and the seventh seal of the apocalypse, and a voice from above ordered him to do this in order to save the city. Here is a real story.
Make a wish, follow along the promenade to the Monastery Island. From the promenade you can also see the waterfall "Threshold Roaring". You can get to the island by climbing the bridge. We advise you to definitely look at the observation deck above the waterfall, from there you can clearly see the twin towers, one of the symbols of the Dnipro, thanks to which the city is called Ukrainian New York. Further, the island stretches a long beach where you can cool off in the summer heat.
Further, from the island we get across the bridge directly to the observation deck of Shevchenko Park, the central park of the Dnipro. From there, a picturesque view of the city opens. Moving up, past the summer theater, we find ourselves in Shevchenko Park. There you can see the Potemkin Palace, which is now the Palace of Students of DNU. This is the first building that was erected after the founding of the city.
If you go up the park through the main entrance with white columns and climb a bit, we will reach the Transfiguration Cathedral. Nearby there is the first stone with which the reconstruction of the city began, it was laid personally by Catherine II. With this stone, the construction of the Transfiguration Cathedral also began, which, according to the plan, should be higher than the Cathedral of Peter and Paul in Rome, but it did not work out. Also near the cathedral there is a Diorama, a historical museum and the only ATO museum in Ukraine. Now it is free.
From the museum we move down and to the left, and we get to the monument of Glory. There is also a beautiful view from the observation deck, and there are also cool modern buildings. If you go up from the Glory monument back to the historical museum, to the right (if you stand with your back to the museum and look at the Polytechnic University), the central avenue of the Dnipro - Dmitry Yavornitsky Avenue, formerly Karl Marx, will go down. You can walk along it, or you can ride the tram number 1, which runs very often.
Where the steep descent ends on the avenue, on the left (if you go from above), is Yekaterinoslavsky Boulevard. The boulevard is especially beautiful in the evening when it shines with thousands of lights. And here is the Reading Arch, where bookcrossing is regularly held.
Returning from Yekaterinoslavsky Boulevard to the avenue and going a little further, on the right there will be the main square of the city - Evropeyskaya, earlier Lenin stood on it and there was a large fountain. Now there is a French carousel instead of a fountain, and instead of Lenin there is a parking and a springboard for city holidays, festivals, and concerts.
If you go through the square and go right, you will come across the central shopping center of the Dnipro - Bridge City. From its open roof parking lot to the city and the river, you can get there by elevator. Near Bridge City is located Menorah, the largest Jewish center in the world. Inside, it looks like a palace, so I recommend stopping by to see, the entrance is free, and there is a cool free toilet.
If there is an opportunity and desire, I advise you to walk the New Bridge on foot, from there a very cool view of the city, and that is why that view of the Dnipro is called Ukrainian New York. This bridge was finally renovated in 2019 and there are good sidewalks without holes. By the way, there was an interesting story about the repair of the bridge when the President of Ukraine V. Zelensky came to inspect the city, he and the mayor of the Dnipro Filatov made a bet that if the repair is not completed by September 14, the mayor will resign. The mayor of the Dnipro V. Filatov won this bet. The bridge itself is about 2 km long; it can be completed in 15-20 minutes. It is especially beautiful there in the dark to contemplate the lights of the night right bank and the shining twin towers, but during the day it is also good.
If you cross the bridge to the left bank, it will be another promenade, Solnechny residential complex. It is especially beautiful there on the observation deck, where there is also the Arch of Love fountain, which usually holds water battles in the summer, a lot of greenery and a place for picnics and walks. This place is also worth a visit in the evening.
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Route details
Finish coordinates 48.482074,35.062337
Length of route 13 km
Start coordinates 48.477432,35.015252
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Access for people with disabilities Available
Access in winter Available
Suitable for family Yes
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