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Chornagora trail of Carpathians: Dzembronya - Pip Ivan - Hoverla - Petros - Kvasi

Route for 3+ days
Route type:
Type of surface:
Duration: 5 days, 4 nights. The route is 58 km long.
Day 1.
At the start of the route you can buy bread in the store or drink some water from the source. For this day you need to walk 8 km, there will also be 750 m of high. It is better to spend the night on the meadows of Menchul. The first 2 days you will need to climb the Montenegrin ridge to Mount Petros.
Day 2
Continuation of ascent to Mount Petros. Views will become more and more magical. In bad weather, you shouldn’t climb Petros, and it’s better to go to the traverse of the mountain, as a result, you will get a little more, but almost in a straight line. It is better to spend the night under Mount Petros with a very beautiful view.
On this day, you will need to walk 8 km and gain 750 m altitude.
Day 3
Ascent to Hoverla. You will need to walk 5 km almost in a straight line and the ascent to Goverla will begin. The climb will be with a set of 500 m. After Goverla there will be small differences in elevations of up to 100 m and an overnight stay on the highest mountain lake in Ukraine - Nesamovit. On this day, you will need to go 12 km.
Day 4
The conquest of the two thousandths. The day is full with amazing views. We are in the heart of the Montenegrin ridge.
We will go along the ridge, almost in a straight line. On the way, you will need to conquer Mount Ribs, Mount Gutin, Mount Tomnatic and Mount Brebeneskul. The difference in height is negligible. A little lower than us, Lake Brebeneskul will flash. In the evening we will climb Mount Ivan Chernogorsky Pop where you will see the remains of the old Polish White Elephant Observatory. You spend the night 3 km from the mountain.
Perhaps this will be the longest crossing - 18 km. Climbing Mount Pop Ivan will be only 200 m.
Day 5
Descent to Dzembronya. On this day, there is only a descent. Along the way, you can eat blueberries, raspberries, and see the small Dzembroni waterfalls.
distance duration avg. speed trackpoints trackpt. distance
54.7 km 05:28:06 10 km/h 662 82.61 m
altitude range lowest point highest point uphill downhill
1504 m 540 m 2044 m 2846 m 3104 m
Route details
Length of route 58km
Additional Information
Route marks Yes
Suitable for family Yes
Water on the route Yes
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