Lake Synevir, Zakarpattya


Coordinates: 48.616667, 23.683889
Type of place: Scenic Nature, Lake
Entrance: Free
Lake Synevir, Zakarpattya Lake Synevir, Zakarpattya Lake Synevir, Zakarpattya video
There are more than 30 lakes in Zakarpattia. And today we will find out about the most beautiful Synevir Lake, which is not only the most attractive but also the deepest and the biggest in all Zakarpattia.
Lake is situated in Mizhhiria district of the Zakarpattia region. High, between the mountain ranges of flowering meadows, in the depths of eternal forests spilled a unique natural wonder of Ukraine - Lake Synevir. There get drunk from the smell of lush herbs and healing air. A thick, fragrant carpet of flowers paves the way to the lake through the hills, which are covered with beech forests and tall surplus spruces, which lead to the shore, and there bend their branches almost to the water. In the middle of the flow, there is a small island, which is located under the water, as eye, which contemplates around. From that and the second name of the lake - “ Sea’s eye”
The lake was created by an earthquake about ten thousand years ago when a strong landslide created a natural dam. It became an insurmountable obstacle for mountain streams, and then the hollow was filled with water. Today, the lake consists of two parts, the deeper north, and the shallower south, separated by an underwater ridge up to eleven meters high. The lake is considered the richest treasure of nature in our Ukrainian Carpathians.
The lake is located at an altitude of 989 m above sea level. The average area of ​​the water reservoir is 4-5 hectares, depth is 8-10 meters. In some places, the greatest depths of Synevir reach twenty-two meters. This is more than in the Sea of ​​Azov, the deepest place of which is fourteen meters.
Once upon a time on the territory of the present-day Lake Synevyr lived a prince who ruled all the surrounding forests and had a beautiful daughter, Syn. One day, Syn was walking in the woods and was fascinated by the sounds of a flute and the voice of a young man, Vyra, who was grazing sheep on a small meadow. They say it was love at first sight - Syn fell in love with Vyra. The girl's travels to the forest became more frequent. The father, learning that his only daughter was in a relationship with a poor shepherd, immediately forbade her to see Vyr. The daughter did not respond to her father's prohibitions, so the father ordered the servants to kill the boy. The servants rolled a large stone at the boy as he played the flute and waited for his beloved. When Syn came and learned of the boy's death, she wept long and bitterly, and wept all over the lake. It is said that this small island is the top of that stone block.

Our people are very talented, so with their initiative and imagination, they decorate the shores of the lake and arrange small observation decks. Extremely old trees rise around and the magical atmosphere of the legends of those forests is preserved. Mankind has been managing those lands for a long time, and, surprisingly, virgin forests with rich flora and fauna are still preserved. In this most picturesque part of the Carpathians, even today you can find untouched places where the trails are paved only by wild animals.
How to get there?
It is best to get from Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk or Uzhhorod. You can take the train to Volovets station. Then you need to change to the bus "Volovets - Mizhgirya", and in Mizhgirya again change to the bus that runs to Synevyrska Polyana. The path to the lake will be easy to find.

Translated by: Anastasiia Kolinko
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