Lutsk castle (Lyubart's castle)


Coordinates: 50.7387637, 25.3226388
Type of place: Architecture, Unique places, Castles\Homesteads\Fortifications, Panoramas\Views
Entrance: Paid
Parking: Arranged
Accessibility for people with disabilities: Partly
Interest: Must see
Year: 1340
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Nobody can say for sure how old is castle because before erecting the masonry fortress there was just wooden building, which was called a stronghold. The renovations of that building initiated prince Liubartas and you understand where castle`s name came from. Сivil work began in 1350 and lasted almost a century.

Throughout its history the castle rarely experienced military action. One of the most cruel battles took place during the Lutsk war in 1431 when Polish army surrounded Lutsk. Despaired defenders of the castle catapulted corpses of animals through walls, having demoralized the enemy. Then the Poles have not been able to capture Lutsk and retreated back.

Today tourists with cameras come to the main entrance to Lutsk High, but early burgers observed penalties here. Square in front of the main tower of the castle from the 16th century was the main place of executions and announcements of royal messages. Nearby, in a wooden tower criminals were usually interrogated.

Castle has been retained almost in its original look, it has not been using for defense since the early 17th century. Chancellors, government officials, judges and clergy have been spending here their quiet royal life. In 1863, city’s government for the sake of earning money decided to sell castle for building materials. They put the ancient walls on the auction with a starting price of just 18 rubles. Fortunately, in a year Kiev Commission banned that resolution.

Also, Lutsk castle has subterraneans. They are supposed to lead toward the Catholic Cathedral, which is located 100 meters from the castle. In 1960 the vaults of this aisle have failed, so they were overwhelmed in the place of drop. It is believed that bumps on Castle Square confirm these assumptions.

It’s worth climbing up on the entry tower to see views of the area in Lutsk and architectural monuments of historical and cultural reserve "Old Town".

Nowadays the castle has a several museum exhibitions. In “Vladychja” tower is an exhibition of bells. They collected bells from Ukraine, Poland, Austria, Romania, Russia. The oldest among them is the bell of nearly 400 years! On the lower floor is located an exhibition of ancient castle and prison weapons. The museum of books represent books of 17-20 centuries, reconstructed vintage printing press. Art Museum located in the former clerk's county office. In the “cave” you can see the foundations of the Church of John and an exhibition of ancient brick and tile.

It is important to inspect the walls outside to see the various inscriptions of different centuries with the names of people, dates and so on. If you find an inscription of the late 19th century, made by sister of Lesja Ukrainka - respect.

It is worth visiting the castle during festivals. The ancient walls regularly hosts historical, ethnic and jazz events. The most spectacular one is the June "Night at Lutsk Castle". It’s the festival of medieval culture, which annually gathers musicians from different countries who play old music, and occasionally reproduce it with restored instruments of different ages. The festival is accompanied by a fire show, craft fair, tasting dishes of the ancient cuisine. There are Jazz Festival in May, "Musical Dialogues" in late August, «Art Jazz Cooperation», where the Ukrainian musicians and international stars perform. In August, the Day of the castle, jousting tournaments and exhibitions of folk artists are usually organized and family entertainment festival "Straw Bird" is held , which gathers florists and blacksmiths from the whole country. Castle is also a place for performing on the international " Poland Summer with Folklore" - the festival, thanks to which Lutsk have already been visited by representatives of 50 countries from all continents.

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