Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul (Lutsk)


Coordinates: 50.7383224, 25.3199673
Type of place: Architecture, Religious
Entrance: Free
Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul (Lutsk) Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul (Lutsk) Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul (Lutsk) Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul (Lutsk)
The history of the Lutsk cathedral church of Saints Peter and Paul dates from the seventeenth century. The church was built twenty-three years, a little longer built a large three-story college, which is now a college. For several centuries of the existence of the church, it was rebuilt several times: due to the consequences of fires and the Second World War. Moreover, when in the 19th century the Russian authorities closed the Lutsk churches, only this one remained in force. And during the excavations, archaeologists found a lot of remnants of the former decoration of the lower church in the land, among them - even tiles with Jesuit symbols.
In the church itself, many works of art from various periods have been preserved: plaques, epitaphs. Also on the walls of the temple preserved ancient Italian paintings and wall paintings. Along the perimeter in the niches of the walls are six sculptures of the XVIII century. And in the underground of the church, the oldest iron lattices in Volyn were preserved. Previously, the church was part of the defense complex of Lutsk: the facilities were carried out in addition to the sacral function and defensive. In addition, in the cave there is a well with drinking water.
Now the cathedral church is located in the historical and cultural reserve "Old Lutsk" on the street Cathedral.
You can get there by public transport.
Coordinates: 50.7383224, 25.3199673
Translation by: Elizaveta Kravchenko
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