Tulchin. Potocki Palace


Coordinates: 48.6767513, 28.8596463
Type of place: Architecture, Castles\Homesteads\Fortifications
Tulchin. Potocki Palace Tulchin. Potocki Palace Tulchin. Potocki Palace Tulchin. Potocki Palace Tulchin. Potocki Palace Tulchin. Potocki Palace Tulchin. Potocki Palace Tulchin. Potocki Palace
The Potocki Palace is considered to be the best example of classicism in Ukraine. This cultural monument is a fine example of 18th century architecture.

Construction of the palace began in 1782 under the design of the French architect Lacroix at the request of representatives of the Potocki family. The building immediately became the central residence of the family and one of the cultural centers of Eastern Europe. The classic style of that time has preserved to the smallest detail to this day. Initially, Potocki lived in the so-called Old Palace, built in 1757. After moving to Right-Bank Ukraine, Potocki built their residence in Tulchin. After the Second Partition of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1793, Stanislav-Szczensny Potocki, the owner of the estate at the time, went to the service of the Russian Empress Catherine II and received the rank of general-angef. Going to the side of the Russian empress was a betrayal of Poland, but allowed to keep all the estates of the tycoon in Ukraine.
Potocki Palace consisted of three buildings: the main one, which was decorated with columns and pilasters, and two side in the same style. They were interconnected by glass galleries. The large lobby at the entrance was decorated with marble stairs. Inside you can see a unique exhibition of paintings by Titian, Van Dick, Molinari, and others, that used to belong to the Count family. In addition, the palace has a large collection of works of masters of traditional Ukrainian art.

Near the palace, according to tradition, was created a park with amazing plants, fountains and marble sculptures. Here music was constantly heard, there were a lot of dancing parties. There was even a theater with a small repertoire and a couple of traditional concerts. It brought the palace, and the count personally, fame and popularity not only in Ukraine but also far beyond its borders.
Translated by: Victoria Kostenetska
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