Tunnel of Love (Klevan, Rivne)


Coordinates: 50.7504136, 26.0432839
Type of place: Scenic Nature, Unique places
Entrance: Free
Tunnel of Love (Klevan, Rivne) Tunnel of Love (Klevan, Rivne) Tunnel of Love (Klevan, Rivne) Tunnel of Love (Klevan, Rivne) Tunnel of Love (Klevan, Rivne) Tunnel of Love (Klevan, Rivne) Tunnel of Love (Klevan, Rivne) Tunnel of Love (Klevan, Rivne) Tunnel of Love (Klevan, Rivne)
Entrance to the ‘Tunnel of Love’ (Tunnel Kohannya) begins in town Klevan` and exands to Orzhiv. It is perfect straight line and it length is 4 km. When you come to the place, where visitors usually begin your way (Coordinates is 50.7504136, 26.0432839), from your right you will see the tunnel. If you go left, you'll get into tunnel, it smoothly go right and a few tens of meters entrance is not visible.
The history of its origin has 2 versions:
  • romantic;
  • pragmatic.
Romantic version. There was a fellow-Pole, who was a Catholic and lived in Orzhiv, and theres is an Orthodox, girl who lived in Klevan. Because they have different religions, the girl's parents were against their meetings. By a happy coincidence, the boy worked as an engineer-designer. He proposed for his leadership to make a short railway through forest by arguing that the fact that the railroad through it will take less time. Management agreed and after the construction the young lovers sent messages to each other from different parts of the tunnel by flashlights.
Pragmatic version. In Soviet times there was a military base, and to keep this railroad in secret, track around it was planted by trees, which with time reformed in green tunnel.
Nowdays this sight in Rivne region is gaining popularity among tourists. Now in the tunnel of love you can meet travelers from around the world.
If you will go through all 4 km, close to Orzhiv, your is increasingly becoming covered with shrubs, and the path between rails (where train go 3 times in day) has oil marks on the grass, so be careful with your shoes and clothing.
After all, the way is really beautiful. On both sides of railroad you will see blackberries, nettles, and if you will go far away, you'll see even lizards.
The tunnel is in its own attractive each season. So pick season especially not necessary. In this place it is amazing walk though the winter snow and though lush green of summer.
Author: Natalya Antsibor
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