Potemkin Stairs, Seaside Boulevard, Odesa


Coordinates: 46.488155, 30.7413501
Type of place: Parks
Entrance: Free
Potemkin Stairs, Seaside Boulevard, Odesa Potemkin Stairs, Seaside Boulevard, Odesa Potemkin Stairs, Seaside Boulevard, Odesa Potemkin Stairs, Seaside Boulevard, Odesa Potemkin Stairs, Seaside Boulevard, Odesa Potemkin Stairs, Seaside Boulevard, Odesa Potemkin Stairs, Seaside Boulevard, Odesa
Every inhabitant of Odessa knows that all roads of the city are reduced to the Primorsky Boulevard, which extends from the City Council to Vorontsov Palace. The seaside boulevard has been known as an archeological site for two hundred years. During the construction of houses in the early XIX century, workers found ancient Greek burials and some objects of the ancient inhabitants of this territory, so now the city government have installed a glass dome, through which you can look at the remains of antiquity in the area.
The Duke Monument
Street musicians accompany you to the Armand de Richelieu Monument or the citizens called it Duke Monument. An interesting fact is that it is the only monument in Ukraine to the French Prime Minister, and in general, the first monument in the city of Odessa. The classicist-style monument, a bronze statue of Richelieu, placed on the pedestal, is almost life-size, and the pedestal beneath the statue depicts several ancient gods symbolizing agriculture, justice, and trade. But the main thing is that the Duke de Richelieu from the Seaside Boulevard looks at the Potemkin Stairs.
Stairs history
Only as you approach the Potemkin Stairs, you can see the panorama of the majestic seaport. Looking at the size and scale of the nautical distance, breathing is delayed, and your eyes open wider and you absorb all the beauty from above. The Potemkin Stairs connect the city center with the harbor and the Naval Station. As of now, there are 192 steps (initially 200, but when the port expanded, eight steps were backfilled). They were named because of Sergei Eisenstein, the director of the movie "Armadillo Potemkin." So these stairs began to symbolize armadillos, and also became a monument of Odessa.
Not far from the stairs and to this day is the Odessa funicular, which has been around for more than 100 years - it connects Primorskaya Street with the Boulevard. It was replaced by escalators, then repaired, and basically wanted to be removed. The newest cable car was opened in 2005 to mark the city's 211th birthday.
There are some interesting facts about stairs. In particular, locals say that since 1919, local theater companies have staged performances in spans. In addition, it is not only a famous tourist attraction (by the way, they are considered one of the most beautiful European steps), but also an attractive area for athletes. Races are organized annually at the stairs, and individual activists try to come up with various ways of descending from the stairs. According to already established records - the fastest ascent and descent was made in twenty-three seconds! Well, and from the stories of Odessa residents, this is the best place to admire fireworks for the holidays.
Translated by: Nika Toporenko
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