Ascension Church, Nerubayske


Coordinates: 46.5446794, 30.6305265
Type of place: Religious
Entrance: Free
Ascension Church, Nerubayske Ascension Church, Nerubayske Ascension Church, Nerubayske Ascension Church, Nerubayske
The church was built in 1816. It is made in the style of classicism with a two-story bell tower on the west side. In Soviet times, the church was closed for some time.
In 1942, when Romanians and Germans came to the area, they reopened the Orthodox Church. The abbot mentions one case from the life of that time. Once a Romanian met a local on the way and asked him if they had a temple here. The local said that the temple is there. Then the Romanian asked, who is the abbot in that temple? When the local could not remember the name of the abbot of the temple, he was ordered to be whipped for such ignorance.
In 2017, a significant work on the iconostasis was carried out in the church.

Currently, the abbot of the temple is Father Michael.
Translated by: Anhelina Leshak
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