Stryisky Park, Lviv


Coordinates: 49.8227847, 24.0263271
Type of place: Parks
Entrance: Free
Parking: Not equipped
Accessibility for people with disabilities: Yes
Interest: Medium
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Bohemian Stryiskyi Park is the most beautiful one in modern Europe!
When coming to Lviv, the guests first visit this famous to all Europe Stryiskyi Park, which was established in 1876-1879 by the architect Arnold Röring. He transformed closed cemetery into a unique corner for citizens’ rest. During his lifetime, 40,000 shrubs and rare trees were planted.
The beauty of the arch, built in 1952, solemnly welcomes visitors of the park, which is divided into three parts. Once done with enjoying arch’s splendor, tourists are completely in the grip of the extraordinary beauty and aesthetic sophistication of the lower and upper terrace as well as with nice forest park area. People spend hours on the shores of an artificial pond with majestically swimming swans. There are always lots of couples and children here. On wedding days, newlyweds are sure to visit this place. They also often bring flowers to the monument to Jan Kilinskyi, who is a national hero of Poland. He was a leader of the defense of Warsaw against Russian army during the uprising led by Tadeusz Kostiushko in 1794.
Each name of the monument symbolizes an important historical event. Ukrainians solemnly honor their glorious daughters and sons, who earlier opposed the backwardness and slavery. As a sign of gratitude, on the day of the centenary of the death of Taras Shevchenko, Lviv citizens planted a willow of Shevchenko on the lake’s shore on the Mount Chernecha. Grateful descendants frequently gather in this place, and during landmark days, the poetry of the great Kobzar of the Ukrainian people always sounds here. However, this is not the only thing why this park is famous. It is a place where important sporting events have taken place. The first football game played in Ukraine took place in 1894 in Stryiskyi Park. In honor of this event, the monument was opened 110 years after.
In the southern part of the park, there is a children's railway on horsepower. The unique structure can be considered the only one in Europe. The road was built after the Second World War. It became a significant event, since the country was still in ruins and children's railway seemed to be less important thing. Today the route is very popular for both Lviv citizens and guests. Walking around the park's well-maintained alleys, its visitors can see about 200 rare trees and shrubs.
Translated by: Pauline Shkuryna
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