Lychakivskyi Cemetery, Lviv


Coordinates: 49.8336022, 24.0526664
Type of place: Monuments\Sights, Unique places, Religious, Cemetery
Entrance: Paid
Parking: Arranged
Accessibility for people with disabilities: Partly
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In the historic city center of Lviv, in Lychakiv raion, one of the oldest cemeteries in Ukraine - Lychakiv Cemetery is situated. Many notable people from Ukraine, Poland, and other countries are buried right here.

The history of the cemetery
The cemetery starts its history since 1786. That year burials within the city were forbidden by the order of Austro-Hungarian king Joseph ll. At the spot, where cemetery had to be, local citizens buried people, who died of the plague epidemic in the 16th century. The close location to the city allowed burying average citizens as well as wealthy people here. Nowadays tombstones of these people have real historical value and are sights of the art of different epochs. Later burial at Lychakiv cemetery became prestigious, that’s why average citizens not always had an opportunity to bury their relatives here. During Khrushchov’s rule, you needed to have special permission to be buried at this cemetery. That’s why generally statesmen were buried in different regions. The monuments of the Soviet period made an imbalance in the architectural cemetery style.

Many burials were made in the second half of the 19th century. There are also those, that were saved since the time the cemetery was found. In the 19th century, it was trendy to order tombstones from sculptors. Thus, for example, in the necropolis, some tombstones belong to Hartman Witwer, who is the author of sculptures in the form of 4 antique statues located at the Rynok Square.

Notable citizens
Burial vaults were constructed for wealthy families. One of those, which attracts the attention of Lychakiv cemetery visitors, is the burial vault of the Barchevsky family. It was made at the end of the 19th century in a pseudo Byzantine style. The dome, made in the form of a bowl, was ruined during World War ll. Nowadays a tree grows from the dome. A burial vault was made for the family of the last person of the Barchevsky family, but he didn’t create a family and died at the age of 50. Some money he spent on creating a burial vault, rest was sent for charity.
Another monument to the bishop Samuel Stefanovych was made and installed when he was seriously ill. But soon, the illness has passed. He lived 30 years more and took care of his monument.
Monuments of cemetery
Lychakiv Cemetery is full of different legends and mystical places. For example, at the tombstone of famous publicist Y. Halan christian cross is seen after the rain. Of course, it’s not mysticism. A tombstone was made from a stone, that used to be a tombstone of another person, and a master probably didn’t rub away a cross carefully. In the depths of the cemetery, there is «1863 rebels' hill». Their tombstones with steel crosses have the original look. Lychakiv cemetery counts more than 500 sculptures and more than 300 thousand burials.
“The Eaglets Cemetery” is very popular. Young militias, who died during the Ukrainian-Polish war in 1918-1919. Many of them weren’t even 16. In the north of Lychakiv cemetery famous The Field of Mars is situated. It’s a military memorial with 3800 burials of soviet soldiers, built in 1974.
Translated by: Daryna Zavhorodnia
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