Kerosene lamp, Lviv


Coordinates: 49.8431061, 24.0316245
Type of place: Museums, Unusual restaurant
Entrance: Free
Parking: Absent
Accessibility for people with disabilities: Partly
Kerosene lamp, Lviv Kerosene lamp, Lviv Kerosene lamp, Lviv
Gasova Lampa is a restaurant-museum in Lviv, located in the very center of Lviv at 20, Armyanskaya Street. the restaurant is open daily from eleven in the morning to two in the morning.
What is so special about this restaurant? The fact is that in 1853 in Lviv two pharmacists Jan Zeg and Ignatius Lukasevych invented such a thing as a kerosene lamp. This invention has made their lives much more comfortable. So this establishment is dedicated to the lamp and everything connected with it. The restaurant has the second largest collection of kerosene lamps in Europe - 528 copies. There is also an exact copy of one of the first copies. There are also table lamps of Franz-Joseph, Giuseppe Garibaldi, and Miklucho-Maklay.
What is a kerosene lamp?
A kerosene lamp is a lamp in which light is generated by the combustion of kerosene. Such lamps were widely used before the advent of electricity and even today are used by people in cottages and country houses.
Lamp design
There are several types of such lamps, but the simplest is a wick lamp. Its components are a container for kerosene, the lower part of the wick is lowered into it. During arson, the wick absorbs kerosene and thus continues to burn. There is also another component. This is a special device that adjusts the length of the upper part of the wick and thus changes the brightness of the light. Usually the fire burns inside a glass cylinder that "holds" light. Sometimes a mirror plate is still used to reflect light.

How to get there?
From the train station to the stop "Puppet Theater" by bus №29. From the stop, turn right, walk past two streets, and turn right again.
Translated by: Olytskyi Ivan
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