Coffee Mine, Lviv


Coordinates: 49.8416531, 24.0327993
Type of place: Unusual restaurant
Entrance: Free
Parking: Absent
Accessibility for people with disabilities: Partly
Interest: Medium
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Lvivs'ka kopalnia kavy (Lviv coffee mine) is the place, where you can spend a great time, finding Lviv in a new way, the first one in Ukraine and the longest cafe-bookstore. Yuriy Kultchtskyi, a great connoisseur of coffee, presеnted such beauty to the world.

The basis of the concept is to show that coffee in Lviv is like mineral (like coal or peat) That's why Lviv is considered like city of coffee and great coffee fans, because the legend that Kultchytskyi very wanted to implement in life, had spread all over Ukraine. Every tourist must go to Lviv coffee mine.

Lviv coffee mine has been open since 2011 on the Ploshcha Rynok (central square) above the coffee mine that belongs to chain of conceptual authorial restaurants of holding emotions "!Fest". Here you will have your coffee maken from 30 sorts of coffee with pleasure. The coffee here is mined and roasted.

But if you come here in order to drink a cup of coffee, don't forget to choose book for yourself. There is a great number of books in Lviv coffee mine and here is spreading the culture of reading books in Ukrainian.

Then go to catacombs. You will be given a helmet with flashlight at the entrance, because there is slightly dark. You will see there pickaxes, jackhammers, rails and trolleys with coffee. It is very interesting. Here you can choose guide to get something you will remember later, who will tell you the history about the birth of Lviv coffee.

How to get there?
Lviv's coffee mine is located on Ploshcha rynok, 10. You can get by tram №1 or №9 from railway station to its stop “Ploshcha Rynok” and after that follow the smell of coffee.
Translated by: Ivan Antonyuk 
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