Museum of Golden Gate, Kyiv


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The Golden Gate is an ancient monument of Ukrainian history. It is the main entrance to ancient Kiev and an example of the ancient defensive architecture of the capital. The name “Golden Gate” came from the building of the same name in Constantinople.

The first mention of the Golden Gate appears in the chronicle in 1037, according to this source the gate was founded in 1017-1024 by Prince Yaroslav the Wise, or by his father Prince Vladimir the Great. At that time, the gate was the most important as ambassadors from other countries came to Kyiv through it. It was a large stone tower with a two-tier moat system and a church, which was above the passage. The image of Our Lady was probably placed on the facade of the gate. Nothing was known about the Golden Gate after the Batu Khan's Golden Horde invasion. Until the 17th century the gates were dilapidated. Then they became a part of the Starokyivska fortress and in the mid-18th century they were buried under earth as a building in critical condition. Then, the gate was rebuilt and restored several times during Russian Empire and Soviet Union.

Today there is a museum inside the gate, which was opened in 2009. The museum represents the history of Kyiv main gate.

Historical remains of the original gate are among the numerous exhibits. There is masonry, which is made in a “mixed” style. There are also elements of internal gross structures, mechanisms and other technical equipment that set the gateway in motion.
Translated by: Darina Stepchenkova
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