Water Tower, Bila Tserkva


Coordinates: 49.8049648, 30.1180208
Type of place: Architecture
Water Tower, Bila Tserkva Water Tower, Bila Tserkva
One of the tallest buildings in the Bila Tserkva is considered a water tower. Its height is about 45-50 meters, which offers unrivaled views of the city.
The tower was designed by a world-famous architect Vladimir Shukhov. His creations are huge towers and train stations around the world. One of the most famous is the Ostankino tower. The largest is the Shanghai TV tower, its height is more than 500 meters. The architect built more than 200 such towers around the world. Let us return to the tower in Bila Tserkva, to which the architect gave the name hyperboloid. The uniqueness of the building lies in the fact that there is not a single welded element - all on the mounts and on the screws. If outwardly the entire tower is covered with rust, then the internal equipment is 90% preserved, so it can function. There are about 6,000 cubic meters of water in the tower (above and in the basements), which can provide the city’s needs for 1 day. The water is purified and stands in special tanks. Today, the tallest building in the city does not function, and the roof of the building needs immediate restoration.

How to get there:
- public transport: bus routes No. 7, No. 13, No. 16
Translated by: Alona Rudenko
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