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Zoo “Country Enotiya” is an international Belarusian franchise. These zoos operate in the big cities of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and in the fall of 2016 the network entered Ukraine. Such a zoo is in Kiev, Kherson and in March opened a zoo in Chernihiv. Their peculiarity is that you can communicate with the animal. Here, veterinary scientists have identified animals that are not dangerous to humans, that is, they are not carriers of infectious diseases.
What visitors see is the zoo hall. Besides him, there are still many outbuildings. Some of them - the operating room and a large insulator. The state has a doctor, a medical card is attached to each animal, all animals are vaccinated. Every day at a certain time the doctor examines all animals. If zoo staff see that the animal is uncomfortable, it is immediately sent to the detention center. That is, unhealthy animals in the room do not sit.
For the inhabitants of the zoo, buy certain types of dry food and feed in a certain place. All animals have their own diet. For example, the main feeding of noses, raccoons and other omnivorous animals is in the evening and morning when the zoo closes and it operates from 10:00 to 21:00. At 20:30 comes the night caretaker - a specially trained person. The day keepers simply meet the guests, give them instructions, show the animals. While the night caretaker can walk a llama, pony, goat, because they all walk on the street. All other animals for the night are let out in turn and they also walk on the territory. In the morning and in the evening the night caretaker feeds the animals. All animals have their own diet. For example, in the morning raccoons and noses eat porridge with raw meat. During the day, they get treats, also calculated on the basis of what they can be given. This is a white bread of a certain grade, well dried, apples, carrots, for chinchillas - dried apples, and nuts for guinea pigs and squirrels.
In the zoo, 22 species of animals and birds. Of the latter, wavy parrots, hares, mandarin ducks, eared owls, peacocks, and decorative chickens live here. The animals are all chosen small: dwarf kangaroos, ornamental rabbits, mountain goats, ponies. That is, those animals that will be comfortable. There are also African hedgehogs here. Very interesting animals that are not really from Africa at all. This is a unique breed, which was bred 22 years ago. Real African hedgehogs need the appropriate temperature, and these hedgehogs are adapted to our conditions. The zoo has a very powerful ventilation and air conditioning system and the temperature does not exceed 23 degrees all year round. Because it is the right temperature for the body of animals. But even in these conditions, African hedgehogs need additional heating. For this use infrared lamps. They are placed not only in hedgehogs, but also in turtles and, if necessary in winter, they are included in birds. Infrared lighting is the least annoying and with very mild heating. Raccoons and noses are animals that need rest, emotional relief from people. Previously, they generally lived on a very strict schedule: 3 times a day they were closed from visitors. Now they have adapted, have become not aggressive. But still, a lot of people on weekends give animals an hour to rest.

The kangaroos that inhabit the Kherson “Country of Enotii” are the dwarf Australian kangaroos of the Bennett breed. They are not quite suitable for keeping in a zoo, because they are very shy. Even in nature. They go out there only when all the animals fall asleep, before that the kangaroo just sits in the bushes and watches.
All animals in Kherson were brought from the main zoo in Kiev. This road became a big stress for the kangaroo and at first nobody even came to them, now it is already used and allows people to approach themselves, but communication at the level of “sit down, reach out” is no more. And when children start to run after it, animal generally in a panic.
Employees say that these are not circus animals, so you need to communicate with them accordingly. They are not forced to do anything. They work a lot with them and all the inhabitants of the zoo are tame and easy to make contact, all with pleasure, but on their own terms. If it is unpleasant for chinchillas to walk on their hands, visitors are asked to simply stroke them, if the kangaroo is in a panic when running after it, they are therefore asked to simply extend a hand to it.
All animals have their own characters. For example, in a zoo there live 2 raccoons: Simon and Egor. Egor is a good goofy who easily goes on his hands, Simon keeps everyone at a distance.
Evidence that the animals at the zoo are comfortable is the fact that they breed here, and this is not often seen. In the "Stan Enotii" nosuh kids were born. This is already obtained zoo generation, ready for the deepest contact. For Ukraine, these are quite exotic animals, in South America, where they usually live (Chile, Peru, Argentina), noses walk along the streets, like we have dogs, nobody pays attention to them.
All animals in the zoo have their own names. For example, Lama is called Roman. As soon as he gorges, he even stops looking at food until it is digested. He is called a true gentleman. They say he will not spit on anyone, will not hurt anyone, his maximum aggression is simply to turn away. The goats are called Kohl, Phil and Boria. Boria is a mountain goat, he loves to jump on tops and even thought up a game for himself. He rises on the parapet and if he wants to communicate, he jumps and walks in the hall. Goats love to be petted, they are very affectionate. The rams and in the zoo observe their natural features: only a shepherd. They allow themselves to approach only the night caretaker, because he feeds them. Even daytime supervisors cannot approach them. Rams gather in the herd and run away. And especially they panic at the sight of children, apparently because of their active energy. Ferrets in nature are generally predators, but they are very affectionate in “The Country of Enotya”. Of course, for this the staff of the zoo had to work hard. They took the animals in their hands, stroked.
If you want to hold a guinea pig on your hands, you need to put it on your stomach. In this position, she can sit with you for hours. There is even a rest bench in the zoo, where children and adults gather and everyone keeps their pigs. This is a kind of therapy and relaxation. Therefore, in recent times there have been so many zoos. Employees say that such energy comes from animals, that even for 7 hours of work they are not morally tired. In the zoo often lead children retarded in development, with Down syndrome, with an excitable psyche, as psychiatrists recommend communicating with animals.
Address: РЦ Фабрика 4th stage, st. Zalaegerseg, 18
Schedule: From 10:00 to 21:00 every day!
Phone: +38 (095) 502-10-10
Translation by: Iryna Makuha
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