Crypt of Falz-Fein family, Novochornomorya


Coordinates: 46.1925764, 32.2522759
Type of place: Abandoned places, Architecture
Entrance: Free
Parking: Not equipped
Accessibility for people with disabilities: Not equipped
Crypt of Falz-Fein family, Novochornomorya Crypt of Falz-Fein family, Novochornomorya Crypt of Falz-Fein family, Novochornomorya Crypt of Falz-Fein family, Novochornomorya Crypt of Falz-Fein family, Novochornomorya Crypt of Falz-Fein family, Novochornomorya Crypt of Falz-Fein family, Novochornomorya Crypt of Falz-Fein family, Novochornomorya Crypt of Falz-Fein family, Novochornomorya
At one time, it was a whole complex : a chapel-crypt, located on a mound, which, in turn, was surrounded by a 12-sided stone fence with the caretaker's house, which was a gate. Therefore, this place can be confidently considered the Crypt of the Falz-Fein family.
Who are the Falz-Feins?
They are representatives of one of the most recognizable and wealthy families of the Kherson region in the early twentieth century. Not surprisingly, their family bore the title of kings of the Taurian steppes, because they not only made a huge contribution to the development of the province, but also raised to the highest level of breeding merino sheep, leaving behind the most famous reserve in Ukraine, the pearl of Kherson - Askania-Nova. The Falz-Feins come from the glorious families of Liechtenstein. There was a time when they owned almost 8% of the territory of the entire modern Kherson region.
The family crypt was built on a hill-mound on the shores of Round Lake, which is located near the modern village of Novochornomorya. There is no exact date of construction. Some researchers point to the end of the nineteenth century, others claim that the chapel was built in 1900. One thing is for sure, this building contained motifs of Renaissance, modern, Byzantine and Tatar architecture, which was very characteristic of this area, because Tavria is a land that Herodotus wrote about, mentioning it under the name Gilea.
The founder of the building should be considered Alexander Falz-Fein, the brother of the founder of Askania-Nova Friedrich Falz-Fein. He decided to build a mausoleum for his wife Sofia Stepanovna, who died unexpectedly at the age of 38. Previously, everything was decorated with marble, which the landowner brought by ships from Italy. And in 1908, Baron Alexander Falz-Fein himself died here. As we all know, the turbulent events of those times could not ignore this landmark. During the revolutionary times, the crypt was opened, the cysts of former barons were stolen and hidden in an unknown place. At one time, the Soviet government turned this place into a warehouse for storing potatoes. Then this place was completely looted.
Today, the Chapel Tower and Crypt, towering over the majestic steppe, remain on the site of the monument. Negotiations are currently underway on the restoration of the monument, although there are difficulties with this. We can definitely say that this is a place for those who want to explore the history of the Kherson region in all aspects, besides, there is the Black Sea and the resort town of Zaliznyi port. So, if you are around, come and try to feel in the atmosphere of the early twentieth century.
How to get there?
By public transport:
You come to the city of Kherson by train or bus. From the central bus station there is a regular bus Kherson - Novochornomorya. Upon arrival in the village you will need to find Priozerna Street (it is extreme) and move along it to the very end. There you will find a chapel-crypt, which will rise above the area.

By car:
In the city of Kherson, follow Perekopska Street 7 km to Kherson Street, then go in the direction of the bridge, where you join the highway E97 / M17 - 6 km. Then take the P57 and head to the village of Bekhtery. From there you need to go down Gorky Street outside the village and move towards the village of Novochornomoria. While there, go down Priozerna Street to the end, you are there.

Translated by: Olytskyi Ivan
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