Manor Sharovka, Kenig Palace


Coordinates: 50.0448763, 35.4325604
Type of place: Scenic Nature, Architecture, Castles\Homesteads\Fortifications, Parks
Entrance: Paid
Parking: Arranged
Accessibility for people with disabilities: Partly
Interest: Must see
Year: 1836
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We are used to live in big cities, diving into work, internet,not even suspecting that there are a lot of incredible, mysterious and beautiful places located in the city district. One of such places could be found in the Kharkiv region — Sharovsky Palace (or Sharovka Castle), very interesting and romantic place. From the first glance it may seem to be an ordinary, unsightly manor with a park area, but it is not. The castle entails an amazing romantic story.
Architecture of the manor
Sharovsky Palace is a stunning white stone building of the late 19th century. It received its present name from the village Sharovka, which is located nearby. Once a small village and adjacent land belonged to the landowner Pavel Olkhovsky. that was he who have constructed here his manor, a real residence.
Sharovsky Palace The Sharov Palace was built in the neo-Gothic style, which have just came into fashion at the end of the 19th century. The landowner Olkhovsky clearly captured the new trends in Western European architecture and quite appropriately used the innovations in the construction of his estate. At the same time, he also took care of preserving the pristine beauty of nature. The palace harmoniously and successfully fits into the local landscape.
History of the palace
In 1860, the Sharovsky manor is passed to the new owners — the Goebenstreiter brothers. They erect a castle with terraces on a high hill and decorate it with exotic plantings. In 1881, the Sharovsky castle was acquired by the then-famous sugar tycoon Leopold Koenig. Translated from German, the word "Koenig" means king. Leopold truly was a sugar king. His affairs went up, so he spared no money to improve the palace complex and park area, using the latest science and technology achievements. During his reign the outbuildings for servants (in the neo-Gothic style), Steward’s house, stables, car garages, a large pheasant and even an own power station appeared. No wonder people call Sharovka Castle sugar castle. Koenig invited the best craftsmen and gardeners for beautification of his residence. The territory of the park around the palace was also significantly expanded and supplemented with new species of plants, including exotic ones. Features of the local landscape and flora were also taken into account. The entire palace ensemble was to meet a high European level. Today there are old oaks, blue spruce, ash, and many others grow in the park. One of the oaks is about 600 years old! There were also very picturesque ponds made. A stone bridge is thrown across one of them. It leads to the so-called sugar hill.
Expanding the personal territory, Koenig even squeezed the surrounding village. That caused the hostility among the people. He acquired several acres of land in the neighboring province and almost forced the local residents to resettle there. A new village began to grow two kilometers from its former place.
Present time
Time left its mark on the castle. Despite the fact that the Sharovsky Palace has been desolate for a long time, it still does not lose its attractiveness. Some elements of the decor, rich fretworks, painted shades and etc have survived. Even looking at the castle from afar, you can feel its grandeur and refinement. To this day, the owner’s office is considered to be preserved. It strikes with the interior of its library, furniture, sculptures, paintings, oak panels and stoves, tiled with artwork. On the second floor there was a blue hall with a painted ceiling, choirs for the orchestra and marble fireplaces decorated with vases. In the style, similar to that of the palace, a practically fortified wall was built on the side of the main entrance, which is to this day crowned with a perfectly preserved pointed wrought-iron lattice. Also at the entrance gate, there is a beautiful guard house.
Folks compose legends about all ancient buildings. Sharovsky manor is no exception. One of the legends narrates that a rich sugar tycoon passionately fell in love with a local beauty and married her. He struggled to attract her to himself. Soon the young wife began to melt before our eyes. Doctors diagnosed her with pulmonary tuberculosis. There was no cure for this fatal disease at this time. It was for the beloved that Koenig ordered to set up the dendropark. During walks, Koenig's wife breathed a special healing air, saturated with herbs, and felt herself much better. A beautiful linden alley has also been planted, which preserved to this day. It is surprising that the branches of the linden trees of this alley do not diverge to the sides, but grow vertically, like poplars’.

Knowing that his wife had little time left, Koenig did not refuse her anything, fulfilled all her wishes. Once she expressed a desire to ride a sled in the summer. Koenig ordered tons of sugar to fill her beloved hill, so that she could sled here with local children.

Another legend is related to the stone of love. Koenig often sent his wife to sea resorts. He himself, as a businessman, was too busy to accompany her. In one of the trips, the beauty began a stormy romance, ending with a treason. Koenig found out everything, but did not blame his wife. He simply ordered to bring that same stone boulder, on which the traitor indulged in love joys, and installed it in the garden. It was a silent reproach and reminder of adultery. Whatever it was, a strange stone can still be seen on one of the alleys.
How to get there?
Buses in the direction of Sharovka depart from the bus station near the Central Market, the Central Market metro station (Tsentral’nyy rynok). But nothing goes directly to Sharovka. You will need to buy a ticket for the Kharkiv-Krasnokutsk route and ask the driver to make a stop near the turn to Sharovka. From there you have to walk a couple of kilometers on foot.

Conversely, you will need to do the same, go to the turn and wait for a scheduled bus to Kharkiv. But be careful, buses stop running very early, ask the driver in advance.

Translated by: Daniella Glezina
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