Botanical garden "Sarzhyn Yar", Kharkiv

Coordinates: 50.0264284, 36.2316012
Type of place: Parks
Entrance: Free
Botanical garden "Sarzhyn Yar", Kharkiv Botanical garden "Sarzhyn Yar", Kharkiv Botanical garden "Sarzhyn Yar", Kharkiv Botanical garden "Sarzhyn Yar", Kharkiv
Imagine it is a hot summer day and you wanna hide from the city noise, but not going far from the downtown. If it is so, Sarzhyn Yar would be a perfect place. It is a big ravine with sloping hills near 12 km length, and it's situated in Kharkiv. Most locals and tourists are familiar with its park area, which finds a place not far from the metro station "Botanicniy Sad" (which means "botanical garden"). Actually, the station was named by the botanical garden of Karasin National University of Kharkiv. It is devided into two parts: the first and the oldest one is situated on Klochkivska st., 52 and the second - in Sarzhyn Yar (Otakar Jaros st.,24). The garden was based in 1807. The common number of trees and bushes - over 2000 kinds. The new part covers a territory of 36.8 ha (the old one - 5.1 ha).
The most popular part of the park is "dzherelo" - a natural water stream. The area is equipped with faucets where everyone can take some water. Can you believe, the stream is giving about 350 thousands liters of water per day! People say, that the water from here is the clearest in Kharkiv. For those who want to refresh (no matter, if it is summer or winter!) there is a bath built in 2009 and a wooden dressing room not far from it. You can also play ping-pong, do some exercises on training apparats' or just sit on the bench under trees' shadows. People come here just for having a relaxing walk or even to do yoga. There are also some shops where you can buy ice-cream and a fresh juice in summer and a hot drink during winter.
The symbol of Sarzhyn Yar is a futuristic concrete pavilion on three props built in the 60-s of the 20th century by Vasiliev's architecture project. The park's history begins back to the 18th century.
The park was situated on the intersection of Zolochivska st. (now: Klochkivska) and Sarzhynka river. On the 1788 year's map this place was called Sarzhyn Hutir (hutir is a kind of hamlet in Ukraine). Today Sarzhyn Yar takes its beginning on the Forest Park near Pyatihatky and goes deep down to the Lopan river. Before 2006 Satzhyn Stream was flowing by the ravine's bottom, but that year it was mostly covered with soil.
Nevertheless, there are sill some picturesque small brooks leaning by the alleys and even a lake, where you can feed fish. It is a place of common relaxing and having fun where everyone can feel a real unity with nature without leaving the city.
Author: Natalya Antsibor
Translation: Angelina Bishep
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