Karachun Mountain, Slovyansk


Coordinates: 48.8137029, 37.5614405
Type of place: Panoramas\Views
Entrance: Free
Parking: Not equipped
Accessibility for people with disabilities: Not equipped
Karachun Mountain is the highest point of Slov'yansʹk city. It’s 167.6 meters high. Here you can see not only the cretaceous quarry, but also feel the aroma of herbs and enjoy the view. After all, from the top the city can be seen in the palm of your hand.

The history of the mountain
Karachun mountain has many legends, and the legend of Slov'yansʹk city originates from this mountain. The name "Karachun" - still nobody knows where it came from, but translated from the Turkic language group - it means "Black soul". As it is the highest point of the city, a television and radio center with a 222-meter tower were built here in the seventies.

A new story
Unfortunately, this mountain has not only good memories. In the summer of 2014, it became the center of hostilities. Many Ukrainian military died there because of the altitude maintenance. On the first of July, during heavy fighting, between the Ukrainian military and the separatists, the bottoms of the tower were damaged and it fell. Two years later, at the same place,a new television tower was launched, which became a symbol of Ukrainian broadcasting in Donetsk region. Karachun Mountain has become a part of new history.

How to get there?
The best way to get there is from Kramatorsk city, then from the bus stop «Ostrovsky St.» bus №4 on which you have to ride 15 stops, to the village Yasnogorka (about 33 min). Next, go from the stop in the direction of the bus 300 meters and turn left and walk straight for about 11 minutes until you find yourself on an asphalt road that will be perpendicular to this one, then turn left again and walk for 11 minutes. Upon arrival, you will see a TV tower, which stands on top of Karachun Mountain in Slavyansk.
Translated by: Volunteers of ULA Kyiv
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