Monument to jet Yak-40, Slovyansk

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Monument to jet Yak-40, Slovyansk Monument to jet Yak-40, Slovyansk
 In the very center of Slavyansk there is a monument to the jet aircraft YK -40.
The aircraft was installed on a pedestal on December 25, 1987, next to the Slavic Aviation School of Civil Aviation. The monument, part-time, and was a test kit. On the plane you can still find inscriptions indicating the presence of modules in the plane, although most of them are almost erased by time and bad weather.
As of the beginning of 2019, the aircraft is in need of repair. The fuselage of the aircraft suffered from vandals, but damage does not pose a danger to people who are close to the aircraft.
In Slavyansk goes a legent, that this plane belonged to Fidel Castro. At a time when the Cuban dictator sent the plane for repair in the USSR, instead of the repaired YK -40, he was sent back a new improved model, and his old plane took its place on the pedestal. In fact, the plane, having made its first flight in 1969, became a training aircraft at the Kirovograd Flight Navigator School (now the Kropivnitskaya Flight Academy of the National Aviation University). After the expiration of the airworthiness period, the aircraft was transferred to Slavyansk. YK - 40 model aircraft were produced at the Saratov Aviation Plant from 1966 to 1981.
How to get there!?
From Slavyanskaya bus station, walk along Central Street towards the center before turning for Bank 10 minutes on foot or drive one stop in the same direction.
From Slavyansk railway station, take routes 2, 7, 8a, 9, 9a to the AIZ stop and walk a few minutes in the direction of your bus. Or, by routes 5, 5a, 6, 18a, 21a, go to the Khimtekhnikum stop, cross the road at the pedestrian crossing after the stop and walk along the avenue to Bankova Street 20 meters, turn right and still walk 20 meters.
The author: Viktor Slobodko
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