Abandoned salt factory «Vacuum», Slovyansk


Coordinates: 48.8686529, 37.6193976
Type of place: Abandoned places
Entrance: Free
Parking: Absent
Accessibility for people with disabilities: Not equipped
Abandoned salt factory «Vacuum», Slovyansk Abandoned salt factory «Vacuum», Slovyansk Abandoned salt factory «Vacuum», Slovyansk Abandoned salt factory «Vacuum», Slovyansk Abandoned salt factory «Vacuum», Slovyansk Abandoned salt factory «Vacuum», Slovyansk Abandoned salt factory «Vacuum», Slovyansk
Sloviansk began as a salt-mining settlement in the seventeenth century. Salt production stopped only briefly from 1782 to 1819 by decree of the Governor-General.

History of creation
Salt factory "Vacuum" is located on the shores of Veisove Lake, evaporating the water and producing salt. It was built in 1912 and updated in 1930. During World War II, the factory was destroyed. It was restored in 1947. The factory was rebuilt in 1963-1970, after which it operated until the late 1990s. According to local legend, there was another saltworks plant nearby, which went underground about 1885.

Our days
Now the territory of the factory is not protected at all. The houses are badly destroyed. Local people pull them on bricks for outbuildings. The well-preserved pipe of the factory, which is visible from almost any point of the Sloviansk Resort and which is convenient to use as a guide. There is a way inside the pipe.

The houses are badly destroyed. The floors collapse, the walls crumble, the risk of injury is very high. Be careful!

The production of salt in the city remained in the form of small private factories. The territory of the former salt works is not the property of the city, so its reconstruction or construction at its site of renewed production is impossible. The city authorities want to return the factory to municipal property to start salt production again.
Translated by: Roman Zubrytskyi
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