Blue lakes, Liman


Coordinates: 48.9911443, 37.7344322
Type of place: Scenic Nature, Lake
Entrance: Free
Parking: Arranged
Accessibility for people with disabilities: Partly
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I guess I’ll regret telling about these lakes as ar as there are not so many good places to relax and swim, especially in a camp. Such places need to be hidden from the public and if you go there for the weekend - you should tell everyone you will visit the sick grandmother. Well, okay, with the hope of silence after 23:00 and prudence in the choice of places for the toilet, the author.
Near Liman you can basically find only sand if searching for minerals . But this sand has extraordinary quality - mining started in 1943 and is continuing nowadays. The very first, now abandoned, quarry is located near the village of Yampol. Lakes also remained in the place of those mines, but the story is not about them. Sand started to be mined in 1951 at the place of the future Blue lakes. At the Krasnolimansky Silicate Brick Plant — suddenly — silicate bricks were made of the sand mined here. 1500 people worked here in the years of maximum workload. However, the plant did not survive the harsh market reality and went bankrupt in 1996. Now it is abandoned (by the way, may be a point for fans of abandonings!). I personally never was there, but it looks interesting on the photo.
For now active sand mining takes place on the lakes about 3.5 km south-east of the Liman town near the Liman-Seversk highway. Sand is not mined from the Blue Lakes near Shchurovo.
Two sides of the lakes
There are actually two Blue lakes in this place, completely unoriginally named First and Second. Even more unoriginally First appeared at the site of an older mine and Second is younger. There is an asphalt road between the lakes, so all the benefits of civilization stuck to this between-lakes space. There, on the wide comfortable beaches, sun loungers with umbrellas waiting for tourists, a restaurant with a loud name “Riviera” opened its doors, and all kinds of slides, trampolines, bananas, and stalls with water and ice cream (which are strategically important for camping) are present. You can live in the nearest villages - Zeleny Klyn and Schurovo. In the villages you can find recreation centers and private houses for rent.
The outer side of both lakes are pine forest, sand, steep descents to the water and tents. In the high season, people come here for weeks and months, settling in the whole tent camps with wash basins on the tree and bathrooms made of oilcloth. By the way, it is very convenient and hygienic - four pines in the shape of a square are wrapped in black polyethylene, a hole is dug and than then buried. A lot of people visit the same place for years. There are outbound camps for children, scouting and charity camps.
Mosquitoes here are small and not very annoying. For contrast, you can walk to the Donets river (about an hour in one direction) - there is a real reserve of various blood-sucking insects. But the place itself is beautiful with willows and oaks pulling branches to the water, the slow river moves, water lilies bloom and storks fly. And after a week in a tent camp, this is really interesting excursion :)
Imagine a combination of white sand and very clear, blue water? Usually it’s kinda photo of Maldives. Now imagine the same beach, but small, and instead of palm trees - pine and reed. These are the Blue Lakes.
The banks are constantly trying to overgrow with reeds, but they are cleared by the tourists.
If you do not like silt on the water bed - the place is perfect, the water bed is completely sandy.
If you don’t like seaweed - it’s also fine here, the southern lakes (the Second) have not yet overgrown by the seaweed, and on the north on it is easy to find a beach clean of algae.
Do not like to be in the sun for a long time? Fine, the wild shores of the lakes are completely covered with pine forest, which protects from the sun and does not create a gloomy shadow. Do you want the sun? - You’ll find plenty of it on the small beaches near the water.
Do you want to be away from the noisy activities? - Put your camp on the northern shore of the Lake First. Do not afraid of jet skis and want really crystal clear water - choose the southern edge of the Lake Second.
The only inconvenience for camping here is the lack of drinking water sources. Sure, the water in the lakes is clean from deep springs, but you still should not drink it. Water can be bought either on the beaches between the lakes, or in the nearest village.
How to get there
By car: use any way to go to Lyman. Farther to the west near the lake Liman, then cross the railway and along the Zeleny Guy Street to the T-shaped intersection - turn right there. At the next T-junction, turn left. It’s already lakes. If you want to rest in a camp - choose a lake that you like more and drive along the coast, there are many sandy roads. Signs with the phone of a local guy on a UAZ are strategically hung in hardly driven places.
By public transport:
Option 1. Use any transport to get to Lyman (there is a train and an electric train from Kharkov, a train from Kiev, Bakhmut and Mariupol, others will have to use several transports). From Lyman take the electric train to the Zeleny Clyn. If awaiting time for an electric train is inconvenient - there is also a marshrutka. From Zeleny Clyn walk 15 minutes through the forest to the first lake.
Option 2. Take the electric train to the station Brusin (convenient for those who are getting from the Donetsk region), then walk to the village Shurovo (about an hour) and then to the lakes (another 40 minutes or an hour). You can also stay in Shchurovo or camp on the banks of the Donets river.
Translation by: Hanna Chernyshova
Елена, 04.03.2020
Текст выжимает слезу, как твердая рука прачки - воду из белья! За живое берешь, автор. Пиши ещё)
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