Monument to Prometheus, Kamianske


Coordinates: 48.5229148, 34.6147925
Type of place: Monuments\Sights
Entrance: Free
Monument to Prometheus, Kamianske Monument to Prometheus, Kamianske Monument to Prometheus, Kamianske Monument to Prometheus, Kamianske
Prometheus is a symbol of the city standing for a centuries-old struggle for freedom, independence and development of the city as a powerful industrial center.

The monument was created by the sculptor Alex Sokil and opened in 1922. This 3.82-meter-tall Art Nouveau monument was a fine example of an early Soviet monumentalism. The statue has been casted from the remnants of cast iron and this is the only Prometheus monument depicting him crucified.
During the Second World War, the Germans blew up a monument hoping it was bronze. When the monument fell, his hand broke off. Then they realized it was made of cast iron. Fortunately, the employees of the tram park took away the monument and thus saved it from being melted. After the occupation of the city, the monument was restored and returned to its former place.

In 2000 Kamianske celebrated its 250th anniversary. The local City Council planned to carry out a large-scale restoration of the Prometheus monument. However, it has been simply replaced with a new one, and the old sculpture has been moved to the city museum.
Мира, 30.01.2021
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