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The armed aggression of russia against Ukraine since 2014 has led to the loss of homes and lives not only of many Ukrainians, but also citizens of other countries and nationalities.

We consider inappropriate and meaningless any military actions against any country in 21st century, but unfortunately the leadership of russian federation does think so, and therefore many independent countries, including Moldova, Georgia and our homeland Ukraine suffer from senseless aggression.

So, until the Crimea will be demilitarized and returned to Ukraine, including other territories of independent countries, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND for users of our site do not visit Crimea and other territories occupied by russia, including parts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, this can be dangerous for your life.

Genoese fortress, Sudak


Coordinates: 44.8412948, 34.9581528
Type of place: Scenic Nature, Architecture, Castles\Homesteads\Fortifications
Year: 1371
Genoese fortress, Sudak Genoese fortress, Sudak Genoese fortress, Sudak Genoese fortress, Sudak Genoese fortress, Sudak Genoese fortress, Sudak
It’s become so common to come to the sea area just to swim and sunbathe and a lot of people don’t even think of interesting and fabulous places that are located nearby. One of such places is located in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea - it is Genoese Fortress in Sudak.
This fortress is located on the ancient coral reef, which is actually a cone-shaped mountain called Kyz-Kule-Burun. It was built in the 3th century and what’s great, most of the buildings are still safe to visit. Fortress consists of 14 towers up to 15 meters high and according to some legends each tower is named after specific council that held this post at certain periods of time. It is also said that there are slabs with heraldic symbols and medieval Latin inscriptions inside. In 13th century the fortress became the center of Venice colony, but gradually it was captured by Genoeses and in 1365 fortress became their war base - and that is how fortress has got its name.
The fortress is fenced with protective walls that are separated into two tiers. The one that is lower is 8 meters high and 2 meters thick and the one that is higher is connected with that wall and castle. There is an astonishing view from the upper wall on the gorgeous sea beaches with restaurants and surrounding majestic mountains.
Also it is worth visiting the beautiful ancient Turkish mosque and modern museum that represents history of this land and provides with information about fortress architecture. Few words on the mosque forms - it is square and is built in serrated corrugation style but is rather spacious inside.
So take your time to visit Sudak, as you will be definitely impressed with its landscapes and cultural aspects of this settlement and mentioned fortress!
Translated by: Yelyzaveta Kravchenko
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