Trinity Church, Stepanivka


Coordinates: 51.526473, 32.030984
Type of place: Religious
Entrance: Free
Trinity Church, Stepanivka Trinity Church, Stepanivka Trinity Church, Stepanivka Trinity Church, Stepanivka
Heading to the village Stepanovka (4 km from Dyagovy), where you can get acquainted with the Trinity Church, which was built in 1767 - 1769 years.
This is a typical small, but high Cossack church, and it has the grave of Grigory Grigorievich Danilovich - the tutor of Emperor Nicholas II himself, and in 1902, Zemsky school was built in Stepanovka on donations from Danilovich. Its construction has survived to the present day - this is the premises of the interschool training and production combine, which was not affected by time at all and it will serve for a long time.
Coordinates: 51.526473, 32.030984
Translation by: Victoria Nerush
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