Pokrovsky church, Dyagova


Coordinates: 51.503774, 32.062795
Type of place: Religious
Entrance: Free
Pokrovsky church, Dyagova Pokrovsky church, Dyagova Pokrovsky church, Dyagova Pokrovsky church, Dyagova Pokrovsky church, Dyagova
Mensky region of Chernigov region - an area of ​​ancient Cossack wooden temples. There are more than 10 of them here, while in neighboring 3-4. Getting started to get acquainted with the wooden churches of Menschina stands from the village of Dyagov.
In the middle of the village Pokrovsky church rises, today it has a blue color with white and green decoration. The church has the highest bell tower amongst the churches of the district - 42 m. At the request of the father-in-law, you can climb on it to see the outskirts of the village. Built in 1986, in its entire life several times was closed and opened, serving as a grain storage facility. But it has survived, and has preserved its original beauty, besides it has a brick fence with an arch-entry and is surrounded by old trees, witnesses of its construction and eyewitnesses of all secrets and ordinances.
In 3 km from Dyagov there is a Trotsky farm, in which Vitaly Trotsky was born and lived, he had a wonderful strategic thinking, for which in his 34 years he became a general! A large wooden house and related burial grounds were looted and dismantled in the middle of the 20th century, but today we can admire unique buildings - stables and rooms for carriages and columns with columns.
How to get there!
If you drive by car - a turn from the P-12 (Chernigov - Gremiach) to 64 km to the village of Dyagov.
Coordinates: 51.503774, 32.062795
Translation by: Victoria Nerush

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