Palace of Rozumovsky, Baturin

Coordinates: 51.3346337, 32.8937745
Type of place: Museums, Castles\Homesteads\Fortifications
Entrance: Paid
National Historical and Cultural Reserve "Hetman's Capital"

The palace of the hetman of Ukraine Cyril Razumovsky is a monument of architecture of national importance, a witness of the past greatness of Ukraine-Hetman. Erected in 1799-1803, commissioned by Hetman Cyril of Razumovsky as an architect who had international recognition - Charles Cameron. It is not by chance that Kirill Razumovsky is building this grandiose palace in Baturin, because in this city there was his hetman's residence, here he consciously returned at the end of his life, here he died and was buried.

The palace causes sincere admiration and fascinates with its perfect architecture, the interior of numerous rooms, each of which has its own functional purpose. “The Baturinsky Palace represented such a unity of architecture and landscape, which has no equal anywhere else,” showed the famous historian of architecture F. Gornostaev in the early twentieth century.

After the death of the hetman to the palace, fate was not merciful, and a difficult test lane waited for him. After the death of the hetman, in 1803, he passed into the ownership of his son Andrei, who was unable to control the state of affairs in Baturin, later the palace became state property. At the beginning of the twentieth century. a wonderful lime park, which surrounded the palace and the service wings, was destroyed. The palace survived two large fires in the XIX and XX centuries. In the second half of the twentieth century. tried several times to restore the palace, none of the planned restorations were completed.

Only with the attainment of independence of Ukraine, the indifferent Ukrainians saw the fate of the monument, sent their abilities and means and brought it back from oblivion. As a result, in 2003-2008. Palace of Hetman Cyril Razumovsky was restored according to the surviving drawings of the architect Cameron.

Today, the palace of Cyril Razumovsky is one of those places that every Ukrainian must visit and return from there a real citizen. Visiting the palace of Hetman Cyril Razumovsky you will get a wonderful opportunity to plunge into the era of the XVIII century. beginning of the XIX century. Learn more about the history of its creation and find out about the owner of the palace - Cyril Razumovsky and his family.
Translation by: Julia Tsapko
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