• Discover Kharkiv Region

    Discover Kharkiv Region

    Adventures and cool Instagram photos right there

  • Castles and abandoned manors

    Castles and abandoned manors

    In mix with beautiful nature equal to amazing weekend

One-day Adventure

With the Pro of adventures and Ukraine exploration team #FINDWAY you will visit the most awesome places of Kharkiv region just in one day! 

This is how it will be:

Step 1

Meet you at starting point


We will meet all of you in one place in Kharkiv early in the morning and take a road trip to our first adventure!

Step 2

Abandoned manor


One of the oldest buildings on Kharkiv region with almost 200 years story. What we will find there?

Step 3

Kharkiv Castle


The most famous and luxury manor of old Ukrainian times - place of 1000 and 1 story.

Step 4

SUGAR and love


Architecture of love, abandoned buildings of forgotten history and national park in one place/.

Step 5

happy home or coffee chill


We saw a lot, and finally in Kharkiv. So it is time to go home and take a rest, or we can go to have some coffee and speak about our adventures.

I`m in!

Date: March 21

To take part in tour fill out the registration form, we will contact you and after payment you are ready to the journey!
699 UAH/per person

What included?

Travel organisation

Bus rent from and to Kharkiv, between sightseeing

Professional English-speaking tour guide

Entrance fee to Sharivka Castle

Snacks and water in trip

Hiking to little known objects

Constant support of organizators

Awesome weekend and lovely memories

I`m in!

Date: March 21

Our experienced team

Joseph Reeves

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Jack Daniel

Marketing Manager
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