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It's no secret for travelers, adventure seekers and even photographers of Ukraine that searching for interesting places for trips in our country is quite difficult task, so it takes hours spending in forums, searches for travel reports and blogs, "googling" of non-informative \ incomplete \ non-interesting sites with the principle of "What to see in..."

Nevertheless, as a rule, the qualitative information is not available not on Ukrainian and not on Russian languages (we even not to mention English). And if you will try to find some bike route, or a water route for kayaks, it was impossible after all!

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That is why our unique project was born back to 2013.

We set as a goal to unite efforts in systematizing of all cool and really interesting places of Ukraine, collecting and creating routes for hiking, cycling, motorcycle, car and water touristic routes!

We are working to provide you opportunity to find the most interesting places and routes of Ukraine, and to provide the easiest way to organize and spend your unforgettable trips with pleasant impressions of our wonderful country!

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But we're not limited only by this, so nowadays #FINDWAY project is:

Sightseeings site find wey interesting places of ukraine findway project


We are looking for the most interesting places in each region and city of Ukraine for you and organize through website their convenient search and use.

Tourist routes in Ukraine by find way project

Creating of routes

We pass each meter and take into account all the most interesting things around, so that you have a ready-use tourist route.

Interesting articles and useful information for travelers

Knowledge Base

On the site you will find a lot of interesting information from articles that prepare beginners to a trip, up to interesting movies about travel and recordings of lectures from the famous travelers.

Travel free with find-way project Ukraine


We understand that without friends these are sometimes not interesting to travel, so lets go with us to open new places! More information of our events you'll find in our social networks.

Activities and events from #find_way project


We have already organized many travel events, from lectures by famous travelers and workshops, to the huge festival of tourism, self-development and starfall '#NametFEST'.

The founder's blog of find way travel Mike Grim


We are constantly traveling somewhere (so even sometimes we don't have enough time to work with website;), that's why we wants to share with you inspiration and interesting information by blogging about our adventures!

Who are you Mike G? What #FINDWAY blog is about?!

This will be your first question if you have just got to my website or blog. It's quite difficult to answer the question who am I. To some extent, I'm an adventures creator, I love traveling and discovering new places and people, feel new emotions and get myself into adventures. And for this purpose of sharing my experience the #FINDWAY blog appeared.

In the 2017 I went to the round-world trip #FINDWAY_AROUND, although I had three fun trips behind my back: in Ukraine and Moldova by hitchhiking, autumn adventure to the north of Belarus and Russian Federation and stalking to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.
To learn more, visit "FINDWAY #BLOG", and, of course, subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Ukraine is AWESOME

And we collect interesting places of it for you!

More places can be found here

Just click on some region or city:)

Our friends

Which without brakes help us in developing of our project:


Foundation of Regional Initiatives more than 15 years are working hard to make our country the better place.

In All Four

Those, whos like us, do not stop traveling, organise and popularize free travels around our country.


Fjord Nansen, PRIMUS and other well-known brands at the expert-centre.com.ua equip center will completely prepare you for a journey of any complexity!


Flashlights Fenix, waterproof clothing DexShell, knives and multitools GANZO and many more - everything to make your travel amazing!

Red Cross

Amazing people who are always ready to go for help without delay, make interesting events and, of course, always ready to go in a trip!

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Unknown hero

You can become our big friend if you are ready to contribute to the development of our project! Write to us in findwayukr@gmail.com :)

Команда #FINDWAY

Mike Grim traveler findway project founder

Mike Grim

The founder of this project, the #unstopable traveler and man, who is trying to deal with all this.

Traveler Yuri Voloshin, organizer of the tent festival nametfest 2017


A traveler who is ready to motivate and take responsibility, so #NametFEST is in safe hands.

Organizer of Findway Travel Week Ukraine sights


If you have questions about apiary, or #TravelWEEK, this person will decide everything.

The author of descriptions of objects and interesting places of Ukraine


An incredibly talented author of descriptions and detective, who will deal with the stormy history of objects on website.

Designer of Ukraine travel project find-way.com.ua


If you need a designer from God, we have already found she and will not share with you ;)

Instructor and organizer of trips in the Carpathians of find-way Zlata


If you want to go into Carpathians, the best way is go with our #FINDWAY Mom.

The organizer of free travels be find way in the Kharkiv region


If you're going to travel with us, then it's likely that it will be amazing, because Ivan will organise it.

Traveling in the region and interesting tourist route by findway


And if you want to travel in crazy places, then most likely it will be with Andre.

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If you have the ability to help our project, please write to us at findwayukr@gmail.com